Underneath It All

Album: Rock Steady (2001)
Charted: 18 3
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  • There's times where I want something more
    Someone more like me
    There's times when this dress rehearsal
    Seems incomplete
    But, you see the colors in me like no one else
    And behind your dark glasses you're
    You're something else

    You're really lovely
    Underneath it all
    You want to love me
    Underneath it all
    I'm really lucky
    Underneath it all
    You're really lovely

    You know some real bad tricks
    And you need some discipline
    But, lately you've been trying real hard
    And giving me your best
    And, you give me the most gorgeous sleep
    That I've ever had
    And when it's really bad
    I guess it's not that bad


    So many moons that we have seen
    Stumbling back next to me
    I've seen right through and underneath
    And you make me better
    I've seen right through and underneath
    And you make me better
    Better better

    [Lady Saw]
    You are my real Prince Charmin'
    Like the heat from the fire
    You were always burnin'
    And each time you're around
    My body keeps callin
    For your touch
    Your kisses and your sweet romancin'
    There's an underside to you
    that this here woman that adore
    Aside from your temper
    Everything is secure
    You're good for me, baby
    of that, I'm sure
    Over and over again
    I want more

    You've used up all your coupons
    And all you've got left is me
    And somehow I'm full of forgiveness
    I guess it's meant to be


    You're really lovely
    Underneath it all
    You want to love me
    Underneath it all
    I'm really lovely
    Underneath it all
    And you're really lovely Writer/s: Dave Stewart, Gwen Stefani
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., WORDS & MUSIC A DIV OF BIG DEAL MUSIC LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Todd Kapus from UsaWho is speaking in the outro and what language is it? I'm guessing Bob Clarke and Jamaican Creole.
  • Mark from Corpus Christi, TxHelp! I have been trying to find out something about this song and haven't had any luck, so here we go: During the first seconds of the song there is the radio static, then the voice of a man Bob Clarke who starts talking, then about 1-2 secs of some type of reggae beat song are played in the background before No Doubt starts with their instruments. What is the name of that reggae song? It's not Lady Saw, I've already looked into that. Is it a real song, or is it just a clip of some other music. I have been trying to find out if this is an actual song and what the name and artist is. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Post comments and/or replies. Thanks!
  • Maxiell from Hollywood, FlBeautiful song talks about her relationship with Gavin, and how she loves him underneath all the surface.
  • Bay from Weaverville, Cavery sweet, cute song!
  • Rene from Shoreview, MnKimbery, I would agree completely. I think this song sounds like someone who is emotionally and/or physically abused and trying to rationalize it.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThis song was ok at first until the radio killed it. Gwen is not the best singer but the band is very talented.
  • Lilly from Chicago, IlI like this song, but i do feel rock steady was the end for no doubt.
  • Kimberly from New Braunfels, TxI don't know why but this song reminds me of someone in an abusive relationship. I was in one the first time I heard it and it seemed right on.
  • Noah from Fortaleza, BrazilIs it me or is there any similarity to Mr. Big's "Wild World"
  • Claire from Oak Ridge, TnEveryone says that Rock Steady was the end for No Doubt, but I kind of like this song. The part of the music video when Lady Saw is singing is so cool; the band is riding bicycles through a sunny, orange-juice-commercial sort of scene.
  • Sasha from Winchester, MnThis is a really cool song by No Doubt.
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