Album: Diary of a Madman (1981)
  • Now I find peace of mind
    Finally found a way of thinking
    Tried the rest found the best
    Stormy day won't see me sinking

    I can't conceal it like I know I did before
    I got to tell you now the ship is ready
    Waiting on the shore

    Dare to look face the test on the eve
    When you set sailing
    What you've learned what you've earned
    Ship of joy will stop you failing

    I can't conceal it like I know I did before
    I got to tell you now the ship is ready
    Waiting on the shore

    Wind is high so am I
    As the shore sinks in the distance
    Dreams unfold seek the gold
    Gold that's brighter than the sunlight
    Sail away see the day
    Dawning on a new horizon
    Gold's insight shining bright
    Brighter than the sun that's rising

    Three thousand sails on high are straining in the wind
    A raging sea below is this voyage coming to an end Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • AnonymousSatanic Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Larry Mcdevvott from 12345Snails and Turtles Obviously
  • David from West Of Yo MamaSave All The Oysters - duh, it's about a fisherman
  • Damon from UsaShip Against The Ocean .. Its obviously a battle.
  • Launa from NySail Away To Ozz!
  • Jodie from Xx"Satan always takes over", that's even stupider than "Sail across the ocean" Unbelievable.
  • Jodie from XxSailing across the ocean lol. It's Sharon Arden Thelma Osbourne. It's in Bob Daisley's book, and he wrote the lyrics.
  • Dutch from Brooklyn, NyI met Bob Daisley & asked him about the same song. It was called "Sail Across The Ocean". Sharon Osbourne is not only a bitch, but a whore as well. Physically & business wise. Not naming names...but I have met & jammed with a few of former Ozzy band members, dead & alive and they all said the same thing. Ozzy is the way he is because of Sharon, it's the only way she can control him and if anyone looks after him, she fires them. f--k YOU SHARON OSBOURNE....!
  • Franco from Mexico, NmI was pretty sure it stood for SOUTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORG, As its counterpart NATO. If it actually stood for "Sharon, Adrian, Thelma, Ozzy. Adrian was Sharon's boyfriend at the time, and Thelma was Ozzy's wife." as Josh stated, then it was obviously a Phoenetic spell to break them up and switch them around. Its no secret the magick which the music industrial complex has. Is it?
  • Skyelar from Smithville, TnI once heard that S.A.T.O. stands for Shout At The Orca. Most of these titles would make since though.
  • Kasey from Haltom City, TxSail across the ocean makes sence, considering the lyrics and all.
  • Frank from Waterbury, CtI always heard it was Sail Across The Ocean, which obviously makes sense considering the subject matter of the lyrics.
  • Alan from Arlington, Txi think it should be an acronym for SATAN ALWAYS TAKES OVER. !!!!!!
  • Greg from Slidell, Lano it doesnt read the lyrics.it definetly something about sailing across the ocean
  • Barry from Alton, IlIt Means Sharon Arden,Thelma Osbourne. I Read It On Ozzy's Profile On IMDB.Com Interesting Facts. Check It Out. Sailing Across The Ocean Is Wrong!
  • Fredrik from Stockholm, --Sharon Adrian Thelma Ozzy - Adrian is the dude Sharon dated before and Thelma is Ozzy's ex-wife
  • Josh from Detroit, MiThe title is definitely NOT Sail Across The Ocean, or anything like that. The initials stand for four names: Sharon, Adrian, Thelma, Ozzy. Adrian was Sharon's boyfriend at the time, and Thelma was Ozzy's wife. This was said by Bob Daisley himself.
  • Jason from Denver, CoWhen I was in the Air Force it stood for Scheduled Airlines Ticket Office. It was often called "SAYTO". Big whoop,Huh?. I always thought of as a military tribute to Ozzy.
  • Jon from --------, SwedenSailing Across the Ocean, Ships At the Ocean, whatever. Amazing song.
  • Jeff Clifton from Nashua, NhYou all should read Rudy Sarzo's "Off the Rails". That is, if you want to know how the entire US Blizzard and Diary Tour went. He also writes about how they went on without Randy and how they went forward with Bernie Torme and then Brad Gillis.

    Great read.
  • Jeff Clifton from Nashua, NhSailing Across the Ocean.
  • Tom from Anglesey, Uk, WalesYeah, I heard it was Sailing Across the Ocean
  • Ckathy from Glasgow, ScotlandBob Daisley said in an interview that these lyrics, which HE wrote was originally called "Strange Voyage" but the title was changed by the the time the album came out.
    A few other things were changed too, the album credits Rudy Sarzo as the bassist and Tommy Aldrige as the drummer. In all actuality it is Daisley on bass and Lee Kerslake on drums.
    I'm not kidding look it up on Wikipedia.
    Daisley did not change the songs title , Sharon did.
  • Jon from Warner Robins, GaIt stands for Sail Away to Ozz.
  • Ravyn from Hell, NyIts true, it stands for Sharon Arden Thema Osbourne, to stand for his now current wife, and his first.
  • The Devil from Whiteland, InTerry, where did you hear Sharon Osbourne say that?
  • Jp from Kelowna, CanadaIan what the hell makes you so sure, did you talk to Ozzy yourself? Don't think so buddy.
  • Don from Philadelphia, PaDoes it have something to do with N.A.T.O. (North Atlantic Treaty Orginization)?
  • Mark from Montebello, CaShips At The Ocean may be right, but I think it means Sailing Across The Ocean.
  • Ian from Seaside, OrIt really stands for Ships At The Ocean. Ozzy didn't feel the title fit the dark aura of the rest of the album so he used the initials instead.
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