(You're) Having My Baby

Album: Anka (1974)
Charted: 6 1
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  • Having my baby
    What a lovely way of saying
    How much you love me.
    Having my baby
    What a lovely way of saying
    What you're thinking of me.
    I can see it your face is glowing

    I can see it in your eyes.
    I'm happy knowin' that you're having my baby.
    You're the woman I love and I love what it's doin' to you.
    Having my baby
    You're a woman in love and I love
    What's goin' through you.
    The need inside you
    I see it showin'
    The seed inside you
    Do you feel it growin'
    Are you happy in knowin' that you're having my baby?

    I'm a woman in love and I love
    What it's doin' to me.
    Having my baby.
    I'm a woman in love and I love
    What's goin' through me.

    Didn't have to keep it
    Wouldn't put you through it.
    You could have swept it from your life
    But you wouldn't do it
    You wouldn't do it.
    And you're having my baby.

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  • Robert V. from Oakland, CaKudos to Karen from Manchester, N.H. The Queen City. My home town. I should say OUR home town, as women and men should be saying, "I'm having OUR baby. or "You're having Our baby." This business of both women and men alike acting as if women have nothing to do with getting pregnant has never made sense to me. If there is no egg, what is there to fertilize. The farmer can fertilize the plot of land all he wants, but if there is no seed in the soil, it's a safe bet his corn is not going to be knee high by the 3th of July.
  • Dr. Nizamuddin Ahmed from Dhaka, BangladeshAs a Radio Bangladesh Compere of World Music during 1974-75, we have always appreciated Paul Anka's celebration of Motherhood. Forty-five years on, as a father of two children, granddad to seven 'devils', I continue to understand more about his love, thought and glow.
  • Bianca from North CarolinaI'm only 26, pregnant with my first and I love this song. It's so sweet, I'd heard my mom singing it when she was pregnant with my youngest sister in 2000 & liked the melody then.
    Its just such a nice little duet and now it's stuck in my head all day :) <3
  • Carolyn from Knoville, TnI was pregnant in 1974, and I thought this was a perfectly wonderful song. I thought it was great that a man would express such a sentimental view of his wife's pregnancy. My husband would call in to a local radio station and ask them to play this for me.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyAs stated above she passed away at age 49; she died on May 5th, 1991 from breast cancer. R.I.P.
  • Megan from Toronto, OnSongs today like "Stacey's Mom" are getting played on the radio, and yet somehow people are still offended over a man commenting on the beauty of his pregnant wife.
  • Paul from Detroit, MiA great song and tribute to all pregnant women. Only the crazies at NOW would find the song offensive.
  • Julie from Belfair, WaAre you people for real? It's a beautiful song and a tribute to the mother of his child. It DOESN'T WORK with 'our'.

    I think maybe NOW is offended at the other lyrics:
    Didn't have to keep it
    wouldn't put you through it.
    You could have swept it with a knife
    (or gotten a suction)
    no, you wouldn't kill it
    so you're having my baby.
  • Karen from Manchester, NhOne small word change could have made it unoffensive: "(You're) Having OUR Baby" would probably fix that. (Side note: I relate to this song, because I never felt so beautiful as when I was pregnant.)
  • Ericthebold from New York, NyNOW was right to denounce this song. It also should have been denounced by the NAACP, the ASPCA, the NRA, the PTA, the NBA, MADD, the Knights of Columbus and everyone in the world simply because it is probably the worst song ever recorded.
  • David from Youngstown, OhThe lyrics are so hysterically bad as well as offensive. It's one of my favorite guilty-pleasure songs.
  • Chet from Buffalo, NyFor heaven's sake, the woman's name was ODIA.
  • Zabadak from London, EnglandIt is a shame that Oida Coates' name was not mentioned on the record label...
  • John from Brisbane, United StatesIs it because the National Organization of Women are shameful of the fact that females get pregnant? This is a very good song it tells how appreciative they are for this pregnancy.Isn't She Lovely, is another good song with the same message.
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