Save You

Album: Riot Act (2002)
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  • Gonna save you fucker,.not gonna lose you
    Feeling cocky and strong, can't let you go,
    Too important to me

    Too important to us, we'd be lost without you
    Baby, let yourself fall, I'm right below you now

    And fuck me if I say something you don't want to hear
    And fuck if you only hear what you want to hear
    Fuck me if I care, but I'm not leaving here

    You helped me when I was down, I'll help when you're down
    Why are you hitting yourself, c'mon hit me instead

    Let's pick up your will, it's grown fat and lazy
    I'm sympathetic as well, don't go on me now

    And I'm not living this life without you, I'm selfist and clear
    And you're not leaving here without me, I don't want to be without
    My best friend, wake up to see you could have it all

    Cause there is but you, and something within you
    It's taken control, let's beat it, get up let's go

    Oh you're in your own world, let's see the whole world
    Let's pick up your soul

    And fuck me if I say something you don't want to hear
    And fuck me if you only hear the treble in your head
    Please help, me, to help you, help yourself

    Help me help yourself, please want me to, please let me to

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  • Nik from Devon UkYes given what Eddy said in London and rereading the lyrics. I think I could have a guess at who he is talking about. I guess it's not really for us to know. The sentiment is what's important and sadly could apply to many and sadly the last band I see play in Hyde park lead singer is no longer with us.

    Riot act is one of my Favourite Pearl Jam albums.
  • Linz from UkPretty sure this isn't about McCready. Just heard it played live in London tonight and Vedder said it was the first time they'd played it since losing the person who it was written for
  • Ian from Lakeville, MaYeah I think Michael is right, I've heard several times that this is about Mike McCready.
  • Michael from Perth, AustraliaI thought this was written about Mike McCready.
  • Veddie Edder from Seattle (coincidence), -You're right, Pete. Not a lot of people liked this album that much, but I loved it, and this song is one of the better ones for sure.
  • Pete from Melbourne, AustraliaI can't believe that I am the first to comment on this ball-tearer of a track. The Pearlers wrote this about their old drummer, Jack Irons and his battle with drug addiction.

    It is a classic hard-edged rock track that just explodes. 10/10
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