Album: Peter Gabriel (second, scratch) (1978)
  • It's too late
    This model's out of date
    Got every spare part
    But there ain't much heart inside here
    Not like the start
    I was good at the art of survival
    I've always tried
    To keep my troubles deep inside
    Where I can hide them
    now I'm open wide

    When it ends
    Again I'll see my friends
    They'll give me a lift
    I've been running adrift, so easy
    Shifting the gear
    I got nothing to fear from the showdown
    I'll go down quiet
    And kids downstairs making a hell of a din
    I'm all alone
    Getting a quote for the wages of sin

    Beyond the indigo, indigo
    Where the chilly winds, winds will blow
    My time is running low
    Going to cross the dark dark river
    Going to see my good life-giver
    Better cover my yellow liver

    I'm giving up the fight
    I didn't know when
    I'd be a stranger again
    In my own land
    The days are O.K.
    But oh how I hate those long nights
    You understand
    Darling please, just hold my hand
    You feel so warm
    In the eye of the storm
    I'm going away, I'm going away, I'm going away
    See you again someday
    Darling, I'm going away
    Feel like I'm going away, this time I'm going away Writer/s: PETER GABRIEL
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Peter from Glen, NjWhen Peter performed this on his first solo tour in 1977, it was called "A Song Without Words". His synth player, Larry Fast, put the vocals through a frequency shifter which made him sound chimpmunk-like. This was mixed with his normal pitched vocals so it sounded as if he was dueting with himself. At the shows Peter told the audience it was his "small friend" or a transmission of the concert from a parallel universe.
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