Moribund The Burgermeister

Album: Peter Gabriel (first, car) (1977)
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  • Caught in the chaos in the market square
    I don't know what, I don't know why, but something's wrong down there
    Their bodies twistin' and turnin' in a thousand ways
    The eyes all rollin' round and round into a distant gaze
    Ah, look at that crowd!

    Some are jumping up in the air say "We're drowning in a torrent of blood!"
    Others going down on their knees, seen a saviour coming out of the mud
    Oh Mother! It's eating out my soul
    Destroying law and order, I'm gonna lose control

    What can I do to stop this plague, spread by sight alone
    Just a glimpse and then a quiver, then they shiver to the bone
    Ah, look at them go!

    Bunderschaft, you are going daft? Better seal off the castle grounds
    "This is Moribund, the Burgermeister, I'm gonna keep this monster down,
    Somebody sent the subversive element; going to chase it out of town."
    No-one will tell what all this is about
    But I will find out.

    This thing's really outrageous, I tell you on the level
    It's really so contagious must be the work of the devil
    You better go now, pick up the pipers, tell them to play
    Seems the music keeps them quiet, there is no other way.
    Ah, close the doors!

    "We've tried potions and waxen dolls, but none of us could find any cures,"
    Mother please, is it just a disease, that has them breaking all my laws,
    Check if you can disconnect the effect and I'll go after the cause
    No-one will tell what this is all about
    But I will find out
    I will. Writer/s: PETER GABRIEL
    Publisher: EMI Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Lucas Zanetti from LondrinaWhat a great song. I was always looking for something about it, and never found until today. Great to find some others peter Gabriel's enjoyers, and more specifically, this great song
  • Jim from Hammond, InThe flipside to Solsbury Hill.
  • Charlie from Nyc, Nyi liked this song very much. i have this cd and put it on my cd player and pump up the volume.
    i became a die hard fan of peter gabriel on this cd. saw him at msg back in the late 90's early 2000's with digging in the dirt and steam.
    Charlie Muller Jr Bronx NY
  • Jim from Long Beach, CaI love this song very-Lamb Lies Down on Broadwayish..
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