Butterfly Boys

Album: Exotic Birds and Fruit (1974)
  • They tell us that we're savages
    Who haven't got a hope
    We're burning in the furnaces,
    We're choking at the smoke
    They say we haven't got a choice,
    Refuse to recognize our voice
    Yet they enjoy commissions
    From the proceeds of the joke

    Those Butterfly Boys
    At play with their toys
    Stinging like bees
    Itching like fleas
    Butterfly Boys
    You got the toys
    You got the breeze
    We caught the freeze
    Butterfly Boys give us a break
    We got the groceries you got the cake

    They tell us that we're savages
    Who cannot understand
    We're sailing on a sinking ship,
    We're swimming in the sand
    They put their fingers in their ears,
    Refuse to recognize our fears
    And fly off to Jamaica
    When we call them underhand Writer/s: GARY BROOKER, KEITH REID
    Publisher: Royalty Network
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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