Album: Flash Gordon (1981)
Charted: 10 42
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  • Flash! Ah-ah
    Savior of the universe

    Flash! Ah-ah
    He'll save everyone of us

    (Seemingly, there is no reason for these extraordinary intergalactical upsets)
    (What's happening, Flash?)
    (Only Doctor Hans Zarkov, formerly at NASA, has provided any explanation)

    Flash! Ah-ah
    He's a miracle

    (This morning's unprecedented solar eclipse is no cause for alarm)

    Flash! Ah-ah
    King of the impossible

    He's for every one of us
    Stand for every one of us
    He saves with a mighty hand
    Every man, every woman
    Every child, it's the mighty Flash

    (General Kala, Flash Gordon approaching)
    (What do you mean Flash Gordon approaching?
    (Open fire! All weapons!)
    (Dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body)

    Flash! Ah-ah
    (Gordon's alive!)

    Flash! Ah-ah
    He'll save every one of us

    Just a man with a man's courage
    You know he's nothing but a man
    And he can never fail
    No one but the pure at heart
    May find the Golden Grail
    Oh-oh, oh-oh

    (Flash, Flash, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!)
    FlashWriter/s: Brian Harold May
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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Comments: 4

  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn January 11th 1981, "Flash" by Queen entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #79; and four weeks later on February 8th, 1981 it peaked at #42 {for 2 weeks} and spent 10 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #1 in Austria and #3 in Germany...
    Freddie Mercury, born Farrokh Bulsara, passed away on November 24th, 1991 at the young age of 45...
    May he R.I.P.
  • Cyberpope from Richmond, CanadaWell, now I know why it was so familiar! I have the album! (original vinyl, of course!)
  • Janetlee from Panama City, Fl"Flash! Flash! I love you! But we only have 14 hours to save the earth!!!!"
    Gotta love this campy song! :)
  • Jessie Steele from Bartlett, TnI love this song, it's so fun and gets you going. And the bass and drums in it are awesome.
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