I'm In Love With My Car

Album: A Night At The Opera (1975)
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  • Oh
    The machine of a dream, such a clean machine
    With the pistons a pumpin', and the hubcaps all gleam
    When I'm holding your wheel
    All I hear is your gear
    With my hand on your grease gun
    Mmm, it's like a disease, son
    I'm in love with my car, gotta feel for my automobile
    Get a grip on my boy racer roll bar
    Such a thrill when your radials squeal

    Told my girl I'll have to forget her
    Rather buy me a new carburetor
    So she made tracks saying this is the end, now
    Cars don't talk back they're just four wheeled friends now

    When I'm holding your wheel
    All I hear is your gear
    When I'm cruisin' in overdrive
    Don't have to listen to no run of the mill talk jive

    I'm in love with my car (love with my car), gotta feel for my automobile
    I'm in love with my car (love with my car), string back gloves in my automolove Writer/s: Roger Meddows Taylor
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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  • Steve from Deale, Md 20751, UsaWay back when, when I had Corvette this way my favorite song
  • Nikole from Howard County, MarylandRoger Taylor is my love of my lifeeeeeeeee
  • A Random Guy from EarthFred: I'm in love with my cats
    Brian: I'm in love with my wife
    John: I'm in love with my bass
  • Robert from Houston, TxI heard that too, Lindsey, and it makes sense when you consider that "Bohemian Rhapsody" was the A-side and that Queen's record deal paid royalties as equal halves to the writers of the A and B sides. As "Bo Rhap" became the UK's third best selling single of all time, Roger became a very wealthy man from these royalties. Not bad for a song Brian May thought was a joke when it was demo'd by Roger.
  • Thomas from Somerville, AlThis song rocks! It is yet another showcase of the great musical talent of the band and of Mercurys vocal. Come to think of it, I don't recall hearing a song by Queen that I didn't like
  • Lindsay from Coweta, OkApparently, and this may or may not be true, but Roger Taylor begged for this to be put on the B-side of the album. When Freddie said no, he locked himslef in a cupboard until he agreed to it!
  • Charles from Glenside, PaOr perhaps 'automolove' is just a cute way of referring to auto-eroticism.But I'll refrain from reading any illicit meaning into any Queen song.
  • Pablo from Santiago, ChileI've heard two different truth versions of this song. The first one tells that the song is really a sarcastic view of a crappy van that the band used in one of their very first tours through England. The other one is that Roger, being a car fan, wrote the song about one of his favourites: an Alfa Romeo.
  • Paul from Rothesay, New Brunswick , CanadaI watched an interview with Roger, where he sits down with an acoustic guitar and plays the song for a bit, the same way he did many years before when he auditioned the song for Brian May. Roger goes on to say that Brian's reaction was "You're kidding, right?" A Queen classic!
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