We Will Rock You

Album: News Of The World (1977)
Charted: 4
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  • Buddy you're a boy make a big noise
    Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day
    You got mud on yo' face
    You big disgrace
    Kickin' your can all over the place

    We will we will rock you
    We will we will rock you

    Buddy you're a young man hard man
    Shouting in the street gonna take on the world some day
    You got blood on yo' face
    You big disgrace
    Wavin' your banner all over the place

    We will we will rock you
    Sing it
    We will we will rock you

    Buddy you're an old man poor man
    Pleadin' with your eyes gonna make
    You some peace some day
    You got mud on your face
    Big disgrace
    Somebody betta put you back into your place

    We will we will rock you
    Sing it
    We will we will rock you
    We will we will rock you
    We will we will rock you
    AlrightWriter/s: BRIAN MAY
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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Comments: 66

  • James from BedworthI love all comments and are great reading. Unfortunately most are tales passed down. The true meaning to this song is about Johnny Cash....he and Freddie Mercury once crossed paths in a club and Cash bluntly told him his new songs were rubbish and only hit top ratings for who they were.
    So Freddie originally wrote the words "Johnny you're a hard man"...not buddy.
    Even queen as arrogant as they were at the top knew they couldn't make the song stand the test of time against a legend like Cash and the lyrics were quickly changed. But Mercury did make his statement and rocked the best of the best.
    Check cash's reply to it a year later... awesome battle but both respected each other impeccably.
  • George from Vancouver, CanadaStandard in elementary school in Canada, when this came out, was for a group of boys to wander the schoolyard & halls accosting girls & serenading with, "We will, we will, f*** you!"
  • Robert from Kintore OntThis one I forget the order. Was "we will we will f--k you" couldn't say that back then. Pretty simple. The beat was Motzart "dun dun dun da. "But I couldn't think of it quickly for the handler. Boom boom bang boom boom bang. Guess that's why my sister hated it when the boys said boom boom bang. Poseidon
  • Howard from Wakefield, United KingdomWithout 'Give Peace a Chance' this song would never have been written. Freddie admitted that they were heavily influenced by The Beatles. You just have to listen to 'Flash' to hear the influence of The Beatles.
  • Nikita from Drogheda, IrelandOne of the best song's ever, absolute genius, great beat, great sound, great lyrics, just completely perfect!
  • Heather from Los Angeles, CaIn the beginning is it really people stomping their feet on boards? That's what it sounds like but I've always wondered how they got that effect. Is it synthesized?
  • Alec Thorp from Yorktown Heights, NyRemember that episode of "Drake & Josh" where the boys and most of their friends are stranded at the boys' during a storm while they were about to head to one of Drake's concerts? Well, this is the song that everybody sings at the very end.
  • Irfan from Bekasi, Indonesiaoriginally these released as a single a-side without double a-side "we are the champions" only. Radio always played them back-to-back, which explains why they were sometimes referred to as a Double A-sided single.
  • Cooper from North Salt Lake, Utall you did was say how it was made and stuff you didnt say wat it ment waa
  • Brandon from Philadelphia, PaThis is one of my favorite guitar solos of all time. I've always loved Brian May's solos, there fun and with a lil practice, easy to play. But this is by far one of the most awesome...est...er...ever!
  • Andrew from Birmingham, United StatesWe will rock you sounds like a song about a rock band intending to make a rock star out of an old, scruffy, uneducated hillbilly. This song is not old enough to play on "The Andy Griffith Show", but if it were, it could very well be referring to Earnest T. Bass. Barney and Andy tried to make a gentleman out of Earnest T. I just had to say sarcastically in my mind "Good luck with that!" I say in my mind the same thing to anyone who tries to make a rock star out of that same kind of scruffy guy. Well actually, I wouldn't intend to discourage anyone from trying that, because God can help us do anything - whatever complies with God's will, that is. Oh by the way, why is this band called "Queen"?
  • Russ from Richmond, VaActually, Joey is "somewhat" right... See my comments to "We are the champions". Another "fist-pumping, rally cry" for the gay community to wake up and fight for the right.

    Many didn't want to believe that Rob Halford of Judas Priest wrote 85% of the songs with gay overtones until Halford came out and said so.

    Maybe it's fans that refuse to believe but as a canvas is to a painter to express his/her feelings so is the microphone to the singer.
  • Rachel from Cleveland, AlI love the song but the beat is a little repeatitive
  • Matthew from Milford, MaThis song is playable in Donkey Konga for the Nintendo Gamecube.
  • Lucy from London, EnglandI think the musical of the same name has to be one of the most embarrassing, excruciating cash-ins of all time.
  • Stefano from Rome, ItalyJoey, are you in NY so homophobic that you feel the need to relate everything about Queen to homosexuality? First, Freddie Mercury (can you remember this name now?) was bisexual. Second: the song was written by Brian May, who has never been gay or bi. Third: Freddie didn't "came out of the closet" until the second half of the 80s, and the song was released in 1977. Fourth: it has become a gay anthem, but it was not intended to be such a thing at all, exactly like We Are the Champions was not intended to be a sport anthem.
  • Jasen from Milford, MiBy far their best? Are you kidding me? There is so much wrong with you saying that.
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlGreat Song.....By far their best
  • Joey from New York , Nythis song is ironically as stated played at many sports events, they play it at my schools football games etc. but this song was actually originally a gay anthem, that was written when the lead singer of queen (dont know his name off the top of my head) came out of the closet
  • Jonathan from Johnstown, PaCharles, you're right, Jonathon, you're wrong(I think), a Double a-side means that there are two sides, sides 1 and 2, one song on each side. So say side 1 is Bycicle Race and Side 2 is Fat Bottomed Girls.
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlDude, the edited double A-side "Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race" are segued together, not the ones on the album.
  • Charles from Acworth, GaFat Bottomed Girls did not segue into Bicycle Race, Jealousy was in between them
  • Headbanger1 from Orangeville, CanadaI dont like this song very much even though im a really big Queen fan. i would probably like it if it wasnt so overplayed
  • Jeff from Toronto, Canadathis is one of the great rock anthems of all time
  • Fyodor from Denver, CoHilarious cover/parody by the Evolution Control Committee.
  • Amy from Dallas, TxLacey, Brian May wrote wrote the song
  • Nathan from Insomeplace, Kythis was played in A Knight's Tale (2001) and The Mighty Ducks(1992)
  • Jo from Oak Harbor, WaGreat in this award-winning commercial... if listening at work, don't have volume up too loud! Live young! http://www.epica-awards.org/assets/epica/2004/winners/film/flv/06037.htm

    Jo, Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, WA
  • Lacey from Slippery Rock, Pa...Has anyone thought about the lyrics? I've heard that they're about a boy who's coming to terms with his sexuality and standing up for himself against his father and his peers. Whether that's true or not, I don't know, but who knows? I wouldn't be surprised it was, nor if it wasn't.
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaDid anyone know, Freddie was smashed while making this video? They filmed it in Rogers garden and Freddie got drunk on Brandy. They actually filmed 2 songs at the same spot "Spread your Wings" and "We Will Rock You". You can actually see the footage on the DVD "Queen : Champions of the World". Freddie is stumbling all over himself. Its quite funny!! The crew filming were getting annoyed because Freddie couldn't consentrate on the words... lol.. Poor Freddie!!!
  • Amy from Dallas, TxThey will, they will rock you. Best band in the world.
  • Galina from New London, Ctthe song is infamous, and every time i hear it its almost to hard not to sing along or pound the rhythm. Anyway, i love the song.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaWhen I "Graduated' from Pre-school they played this song and we all sang along. The first two groups that turned me on to Classic Rock... Again were Pink Floyd and Queen.
  • The Darkness Rock from Millmerran, AustraliaThis song is so overplayed. It is a good song though. It's a great way to shut people up. Like this time when me and my friends went to the tavern at Millmerran called the Mill Inn. It used to be called Blandys but the new owners changed the title. Anyways evryone in the tavern were just shouting and making heaps of noise. So I put this song on the jukebox and everyone clapped along. We got in trouble for hitting the walls and banging pool sticks. Good song.
  • Brian from Fullerton (the Paris Of Oc), CaMariko from London noted the run-in that Queen had with Sid Vicious. His response was utter genius Freddie (and I'm gonna paraphrase here): "Ah, my dear Mr. Ferocious, but we try."

    And Karl from Preston: Green Day has been playing We Will Rock You over the PA before they go on, and encoring with We Are The Champions.

  • Jake from Newport, NhI love Freddie's glasses in the video to this song. The video is also filmed on the same day as 'Spread Your Wings', and he has the same glasses in it, so I love the glasses to both. LoL
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlQueen spoils the crap out of you because they were nearly perfect in... yes, every aspect I can think of, and so everything and everyone else dulls in comparision. it almost becomes a problem for me. But not really. lol Its like complaining: Freddie Mercurya nd teh Gang... they were too perfect
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaDULL? This song is one of the best head banging songs ever!! Well, in my opinion, but I still can't see it in your perspective..I mean how can a Dull song get my cousins 3y/o son pumped up to sing all of the lyrics, jump and dance... Quite entertaining I should think.. SAME FOR ME Janette!!! Queen turned me into a classic rock babe!!! I love all classic rock. Mainly Queen, but they are all in my book! And I envy you Jamie!!!
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Caqueen is what turned me to classic rock...ah...i still love the band for not only hooking me to queen, but also to led zeppelin, pink floyd, and other bands that i like. come to think of it...those are pretty much my favorites.
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cajamie from bethesda: i am insanely jealous!!!!!!
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaI love queen, but this is one hell of a dull song
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Caalicia you're just like me!!!!! those are the two songs i know all the words to and sing all the time! my friend marianne and i have special fun with we will rock you...unfortunately she doesn't like don't stop me now that much so she doesn't know all the words. :(
  • Daniel Roberto DÃ?az from Panama City, Other"News of the World", This album produced the anthemic "We Will Rock You" and the famous rock ballad "We Are The Champions" (both of which combined together reached number 4 in the U.S.), as well as the punchy, near-punk sound of "Sheer Heart Attack" (not to be confused with the album of the same name released three years earlier) - and possibly an influence on Queens Of The Stone Age's "Feelgood Hit of the Summer" which features an alarmingly similar guitar riff.
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaLOL, I know I do it all the time to ppl in my house. "We Will Rock You" and "Don't Stop Me Now". I know all the words to both of those songs plus many more, but those 2 I sing the most and it drives my family crazy if they don't feel like joining in .....lol
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cathis is the best song to sing to people to annoy them! great song! when you sing it to people, they either join you in song or stare at you strangely...
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaLove this SONG!!!! I agree if anyone doesn't know the words to this song does have serious problems..... atleast every Queen fan should know em'. :-)
  • Ross from Independence, MoThis was #330 in rolling stone's list of 500 greatest songs.
  • Karl Topping from Preston, EnglandI do beleive Greenday Proformed this on July 2nd
  • Rob from St Davids, WalesIf you dont know the words to this song, you have a serious problem!
  • Jude from Thomasville, GaThis was the song that turned me on to Queen, all the way back in the dark ages when I was a freshman in high school. I have never regretted a single moment. I think what really hooked me was Brian's solo guitar at the end of the song. It just soars higher and higher. Thank you, Brian, John, Roger and of course Freddie for all the great music you have given me.
  • Jamie from Bethesda, MdWhen I was in High School...one of those motivational tours came bye and we were all in the auditorium. Before the Curtain came up..they asked everyone to stop their Feet and then clap their hands (nobody knew what was going on) until We will Rock you started being played in the Background....It did indeed get everyone pumped up and I still remember the experience 23 years later....WOW
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlTruley a great one. Its funny, people think that songs like this one and "we are the champions" have just been around forever, that they werent written by anyone. "Its really the best complimaent you can have" Brian said to roger once, and after a bit of rememberance and a smile added, "I suppose I'm quite....quite proud of it."
  • Billy from Oakland, CaGreat rock song. Associated with sporting events in the U.S. What pleases me is to see little kindergarten kids respond to the beat as well. A classic.
  • Mariko from London, EnglandI have a Rolling Stones mag. special 500 best rock music and it appears that Sid Vicious told Freddy Mercury that he's music was ballet for rockers, that's why he wrote we will rock you... You can comment what you want, personally it could be possible 'cause Freddy Mercury was often in england.
  • Jazzz from Frankfurt, GermanyProbably one of the most aggressive songs- only subtle enough for most people not to notice. But I am loving it for the energy that it sets free- Jazzz, Germany
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, CaThe first Queen album, incidentally, which did not says "no synthesizers". Probably due to the fact that Brian used synthesized guitar during "Get Down Make Love".
  • Tim from Liverpool, EnglandThis is such an inspirational song! Queen rock!
  • Jonathan Horgan from Cork, Irelandsome people think that the music on this track wasn't actually hands and feet and that it was objects being hit against walls in an old church. But if you listen to Roger Taylor's Interview On the "Live at Wembley" DVD he clearly says it Was hands and feet. If you dont beleive me check it yourself its on the bonus features disk
  • Nate from Buffalo, NyIn his 92 campaign, Pat Buchanon sometimes entered to this song, ironic.
  • Ashley from Watts, PaI luv this song it is soooo cool... and at my school it is such a big hit at pep-rallies
  • Raja from Austin, TxFor my money, one of the greatest guitar solos in the history of rock. Complete with the Brian May trademark of turning the treble all the way up.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesOn Five's cover version of "We Will Rock You", they purloined the dance to "Radio Ga-Ga". Their cover of "We Will Rock You" became Five's biggest hit when it made No.1 in 2000, but also destroyed their career as it provoked a huge backlash from critics and Queen fans alike - many of whom also turned against Roger Taylor and Brian May for contributing to the remake, accusing them of doing it to line their own pockets.
  • Ken from Yorkton, CanadaAlthough everyone thinks that song was recorded by stomping their feet and clapping their hands it was actually them banging pieces of wood and other items against a wall in a old church but the hand claps were just that.
  • Sandra from Tel Aviv, IsraelIn 1999 Brian May & Roger Taylor did a re-make of the song with the successful, at the time, boy band 5ive. No comment...
  • Janet from Perth, AustraliaThis has to be one of the best motivational songs ever written along with We Are the Champions.
  • Pete from Nowra, Australiathe song also gets played alot at basketball games in Australia
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