Della Brown

  • You've got a cardboard house
    Live there all the time
    Keep your memories tied with string
    The face that many once adored
    Twenty years gone maybe more
    Somewhere you lost the dream
    Mama watched your every move,
    But now you're all alone, oh yeah

    She's been gone for awhile
    Daddy left some time ago,
    Fading years pass too slow
    He's the only one, could make you smile
    Oh, you're still crying

    Big city bound
    Gonna make your mark
    Read your name in the lights
    All the ads and people say,
    Beauty lets you get you way
    Tried your best to prove them right

    But living on the streets ain't bad,
    Sad people make you glad
    Pardon me, could you spare some change
    Oh, you're still crying

    Street corner girl
    Watch the crowd go by
    Fill your tin can with life
    Summer days tend to slip away
    Like your men you couldn't make them stay
    Hard to choose, whiskey or a wife
    Sometimes you wonder where's the end
    Where you goin' where you been?
    Happiness seems so hard to win
    Most never care to find
    Della Brown sees it al the time
    Looking for that man
    To make her smile again

    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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