Around The World

Album: Californication (1999)
Charted: 35
  • All around the world
    We could make timerompin' and a stompin'
    'Cause I'm in my prime

    Born in the north and sworn to entertain ya
    'Cause I'm down for the state of Pennsylvania

    I try not to whineut I must warn ya
    'Bout the girls from California

    Alabama baby said hallelujah
    Good god girl I wish I knew ya

    I know I know for sure
    That life is beautiful around the world
    I know I know it's you
    You say hello and then I say I do

    Come back baby 'cause I'd like to say
    I've been around the world back from bombay

    Fox hole love pie in your face
    Living in and out of a big fat suitcase

    Bonafide ride step aside my Johnson
    Yes I could in the woods of Wisconsin

    Wake up the cake it's a lake she's kissin' me
    As they do when when they do in sicily

    I know I know for sure
    That life is beautiful around the world
    I know I know it's you
    You say hello and then I say I do

    Where you want to go who you want to be
    What you want to do just come with me

    I saw god and I saw the fountains
    You and me girl sittin' in the Swiss mountains

    Me oh my o, me and guy o
    Freer than a bird 'cause we're rockin' ohio

    Around the world
    I feel dutiful
    Take a wife 'cause life is beautiful

    I know I know for sure
    Ding dang dong dong ding dang dong dong ding dang
    I know I know its you
    Ding dang dong dong ding dang dong dong ding dang

    Mother Russia do not suffer
    I know you're bold enough
    I've been around the world And I have seen your love
    I know I know it's you

    You say hello then I say I doWriter/s: Anthony Kiedis, Chad Smith, Michael 'Flea' Balzary, John Frusciante
    Publisher: MoeBeToBlame
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 7

  • Agnes from Cracov, PolandThat bass riff sounds similar
  • Lyle from Farmington,Hmmm can someone tell me what happen to Johns guitar when they played this at Woodstock99 during the intro!?!
  • Dylan from Texas, Txgreat song on a great album
  • Doug from Las Vegas, NvMy favorite song on this album especially the bass and the guitar and Anthony yelling. What a kick-ass way to start an album that is kick-ass.
  • Jacob Huffman from Rancho Cucamonga, CaGood song I think its the best on the album.
  • Allyson from In My Own Little World, TxWhat I'm about to say isn't insightful, interesting or deep, but OMG I LOVE THIS SONG. lol. Very interesting about the 'Alabama baby' line.
  • Grayson from Cleveland, Ohexcellent opening song for this album. i think it and Scar Tissue are the best songs on Californication.
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