I'm Only Human

  • Lord knows I ain't perfect

    [Rodney (Rick Ross)]
    I'm only human
    I'm only human
    I'm a man, I make mistakes
    I'ma make, I'ma make, I'ma make mistakes
    (Rodney, I love you, homie!)
    I'm only human
    (Appreciate it, dog!)
    I'm a man, I make mistakes
    I'ma make my mistakes

    [Rick Ross]
    12 years old and you dealin' crack
    Your momma only 26, how she deal with that?
    Got a deadbeat dad, but he far from dead
    He never knew chocolate milk make you fart real bad (Naw!)
    One thing that I wish I could change
    Just to see my daddy wavin' at a football game
    Just to see my daddy standin' when they say my name
    Walk me to the locker room and say, "Son, good game!" (For real!)
    You make a tackle, but nobody there to clap for em
    So I'm writing down my feelings, never knew it was a rap
    Our house burnt down, we livin' in motels
    So no matters how it sound, let me give you the whole tale!
    Goddamn! Now the tears won't stop!
    Momma held down three jobs, can she live on top?
    Never flew on a plane 'til my LP drop
    So I told her once week that her ears are gonna' pop!

    Oh, yeah!
    I'm only human
    I'm a man, I make mistakes
    I'ma make, I'ma make, I'ma make mistakes
    I'm only human
    I'm a man, I make mistakes
    I'ma make my mistakes

    [Rick Ross]
    Wake up Sunday morning, wanna see my son
    He already wanna see his sister, he ain't seen in months
    I know it's about the dollars, so I'm steamin' blunts
    At the custody hearing and I'm clean as fuck! (BOSS!)
    I ain't mad at'cha girl, do your thing!
    Last night I hit the club and I threw that change! (Yeah!)
    I'mma write you off, unemployed to a Boss!
    Another young broad, I'll run in there raw!
    Raw, raw, oh yes I am!
    Chevy on ground, call it Mex-I-Can
    I run D.C. like Leo G
    In A-T-L, I keep a bird in the P-O-T
    M-I-A! I'm The Mayor on my J-O-B
    You OD'd, O-Z's on the C-O-D
    Bink in VA, drinking V8
    Squeek-kays got me ready to sneak the DA!


    [Rick Ross]
    I know I'm not perfect (For real!)
    But I perfected, what I had to work with
    Trunk full of sack, saying my prayers
    Let me cut the music down so The Lord can hear!
    Psalm 27, ink tatted in my arm
    Made me think back, when I was baggin' up a bong
    Young D-Boys always bragging about the run
    I was on my third Rolley, now, I guess we're the bomb!
    Now it's deep cuts in the club for the watch
    Might let two dimes just fuck while I'll watch!
    I'm a Delano, it's Tony Soprano
    I fuck with Chicanos
    They get it, G, I know!

    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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