Didn't I

Album: Blood Red Roses (2018)
  • There are times to remember and times that I wish to forget
    Our time together was tinged with love and regret
    Oh my girl, my sweet, sweet little girl

    Didn't I try to tell ya
    That life was for living
    Oh, didn't I?
    And wasn't I the guy who said
    Stay away from that tribe
    Oh, wasn't it?
    And didn't I try to tell ya
    That stuff's gonna kill ya
    Oh, didn't I?
    But you thought it was cool
    And I was just an old fool
    Oh, look at ya

    You left home for the city with Hollywood stars in your eyes
    Now your mother God bless her cries herself to sleep every night
    Oh my girl, my sweet, innocent girl

    Didn't I search the streets
    For the biggest pimps and cheats
    Oh, didn't I?
    And didn't I try to guide ya
    To a baptism of fire
    Oh, didn't I?
    And didn't I try to warn ya
    Bout that folk in California
    Oh, didn't I?
    But you said daddy, please, don't worry
    I got friends out there who love me
    Now look at ya

    Oh baby come back home, we can work this out
    There is not blame
    I wanna hold you close and stroke your hair
    And share your pain, yeah

    Didn't I do the best for you
    Try to make you stay in school
    Didn't I?
    Once I was your hero
    But I went from 10 to 0
    Oh, didn't I?
    For a roll on the dice
    To really pay the ultimate price
    Oh, didn't ya?
    Now I stand by your bedside
    Watching you fight for your life

    Where's the innocence? (where's the innocence?)
    Where's the future? (where's the future?)
    Where's the beauty? (uuh)
    Where's the promise?

    There are times to remember
    And times that I wish to forget Writer/s: Rod Stewart, Kevin Savigar
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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