Emotion Detector
by Rush

Album: Power Windows (1985)
  • When we lift the covers from our feelings
    We expose our insecure spots
    Trust is just as rare as devotion
    Forgive us our cynical thoughts
    If we need too much attention

    Not content with being cool
    We must throw ourselves wide open
    And start acting like a fool
    If we need too much approval
    Then the cuts can seem too cruel

    Right to the heart of the matter
    Right to the beautiful part
    Illusions are painfully shattered
    Right where discovery starts
    In the secret wells of emotion
    Buried deep in our hearts

    It's true that love can change us
    But never quite enough
    Sometimes we are too tender
    Sometimes we're too tough
    If we get too much attention

    It gets hard to overrule
    So often fragile power turns
    To scorn and ridicule
    Sometimes our big splashes
    Are just ripples in the pool
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Comments: 5

  • Philip from Spokane, WaThis is one Rush song that really resonates perfectly with me. Peart's amazingly deep and lucid imagery really stirs a lot of emotion within me. Coupled with Geddy's amazing bass and Alex's solo this song bring so much to the table musically. Definitely my favorite off Power Windows.
  • Gabriel from Minneapolis, Mnone of the most underrated and over looked Rush songs in their catalogue.
  • Jason from Baldwin, NyGreat Bass Solo and one of Alex's best Guitar Solo's ever!!!
  • John from Asheville, NcThis song's grown on me, as has the entire album.
  • Tom from Highland, NyI saw RUSH several time during their 'Power Windows" Tour. This was the only song from the album that wasn't played. I love the bass line during the solo.
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