Grand Designs
by Rush

Album: Power Windows (1985)
  • A to be
    Different degrees

    So much style without substance
    So much stuff without style
    It's hard to recognize the real thing
    It comes along once in a while

    Like a rare and precious metal
    Beneath a ton of rock
    It takes some time and trouble
    To separate from the stock
    You sometimes have to listen to
    A lot of useless talk

    Shapes and forms
    Against the norms
    Against the run of the mill
    Swimming against the stream
    Life in two dimensions
    Is a mass production scheme

    So much poison in power
    The principles get left out
    So much mind on the matter
    The spirit gets forgotten about
    Like a righteous inspiration
    Overlooked in haste
    Like a teardrop in the Ocean
    A diamond in the waste
    Some world-views are spacious
    And some are merely spaced

    Against the run of the mill
    Static as it seems
    We break the surface tension
    With our wild kinetic dreams
    Curves and lines
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Comments: 2

  • Skot from Hobart, WiGreat Album and Song. This really, to me, seems to have a lot of connection to Ayn Rand again- seems like its right out of the Fountainhead.
  • John from Asheville, NcUnderrated song on this album. Love the "against the run of the mill" portion, melodically.
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