Album: Keep Crawling (2017)
  • Never been to Mexico
    Never been to Mexico
    But I imagine it's pretty
    Yeah I imagine it's pretty

    Never been to hell and back
    Never been to hell and back
    I can't imagine it's pretty
    I can't imagine it's pretty

    I've been to the Dominican
    Felt the sun the sand on my skin
    Only in the gates you see
    Didn't even touch the sea

    Oh oh…

    Couldn't take myself alone
    Take me with the neutral folk
    They'll take me into the city
    We'll watch the guns and feel pretty

    Just to say I'm empty is
    Not a statement I can give
    I've got a lot to me living
    I breathe the air that you're giving

    Nothings real not as real as me
    I've got everything that I need
    I'm the only person here
    Top of the un-toppled tier

    Oh oh…

    Mexico Mexico
    I went
    Mexico Mexico

    Take my body to the sea
    Take my body to the sea
    Take me over in the spring
    Nothing is as real as me
    Take my body to the sea
    Take my body to the sea
    Take me over in the spring
    Nothing is as real as me


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