Have A Nice Day

Album: Just Enough Education To Perform (2001)
Charted: 5
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  • San Francisco Bay
    Past pier thirty nine
    Early p.m.
    Can't remember what time
    Got the waiting cab
    Stopped at the red light
    Address, unsure of
    But it turned out just right

    It started straight off
    "Coming here is hell"
    That's his first words
    We asked what he meant
    He said " where ya' from ?"
    We told him our lot
    "When ya' take a holiday
    Is this what you want ?"

    So have a nice day
    Have a nice day
    Have a nice day
    Have a nice day

    Lie around all day
    Have a drink to chase
    "Yourself and tourists, yeah
    That's what I hate"
    He said "We're going wrong
    We've all become the same
    We dress the same ways
    Only our accents change"

    So have a nice day
    Have a nice day
    Have a nice day
    Have a nice day

    Swim in the ocean
    That be my dish
    I drive around all day
    And kill processed fish
    It's all money gum
    No artists anymore
    You're only in it now
    To make more, more, more

    So have a nice day
    Have a nice day
    Have a nice day
    Have a nice day

    Have a nice day
    Have a nice day
    Have a nice day
    Have a nice day? Writer/s: Kelly Jones, Stuart Cable, Richard Mark Jones
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 5

  • Ukpe@rson from Teesside JEE2P a go to summer album.
  • Mike from LondonThe song does have meaning. At the time, Kelly Jones used to write lyrics based on interactions with people and people watching. The band were in San Francisco and jumped into a cab. The driver commented how he hated San Francisco, its tourists and processed fish. After this negative introduction, the can ride ended with the driver ironically saying "Have a nice day"
  • Nick from Cambridge, EnglandI love pretty much all Stereophonics songs, I was amazed to see so few comments and facts about them.
  • Amy from Chester, EnglandThis is a very catchy song that you can't help falling in love with. 5 stars*****
  • Paul from Galway, IrelandHow come no-ones commented on this brilliant song. I love the stereophonics. Theyre unreal. Another group of singers to come out of wales. Catchy song. Smooth and Lounge type song. One of their best
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