Come What(ever) May

Album: Come What(ever) May (2006)
  • Can you take away every single day
    That we have given to another false prophet?
    Can you give us all a reason not to fall
    Before you take away another broken promise?
    Show your pretty face
    Hide the bitter taste
    You're still the rapist of an entire nation
    You wanna be the man?
    You gotta be a man
    But you are nothing but a sad insinuation

    How can we ever live this down?

    Keep your fingers crossed, the truth is at a loss
    Big decision for an ordinary coward
    The only problem is your fuckin' rhetoric
    We're more in danger than before you took power
    Now it's just a game
    God, you'll never change
    You'd sell us out if you could only find a buyer
    You don't give a shit
    As long as idiots are in your corner, you could set us all on fire

    How can we ever live this down?

    You never wanted to be, they only wanted a parody
    You want the world to be free?
    What the hell is free about it?

    Now we've reached the end, just get it over with
    But this is building to an adamant conclusion
    Come whatever may, there's gonna be a day
    When we have figured out a plausible solution
    Everything you've done is killing everyone
    A little smile on a homicidal bastard
    You wanna be the man?
    You better have a plan
    Another failure is a guaranteed disaster

    How can we ever live this down?

    You never wanted to be, they only wanted a parody
    You want the world to be free?
    You only wanted the world
    You never wanted to be, they only wanted a parody
    You want the world to be free?
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  • Haha from Austin TxCorey's actually a Republican lol he was talking about G W. Bush and all his Democratic moves he was making
  • Justin from Bethlehem, Paoh yeah!!!! corey's a democrat!!! rock on man!
  • Jackson from Nottingham, -stone sour are f#cking on it!!!
  • Enrique from Las Vegas, NvMike in my opinion the female in "She only wanted the world" is speaking of America as it has always been refered as femanine
  • Mike from Fresno, Cathe whole song makes sense, but what does he mean in the line "She only wanted the world "? Where does he get the female from who is "she" that is he is talking about?
  • Jerimias from Nuuk, GreenlandMasterpiece! Love it!
    He's not only good at screaming and singing, but every f*cking lyric that he wrote is great!
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