Shine The Light

Album: The Incredible Machine (2010)
  • When you walk into the edge of those dark and lonely woods
    And when I ask "How was your day?"
    You answer "Not so good"
    And when nothing seems to be working out quite the way it should
    I will shine the light

    When the skies up above you fill with gray and stormy clouds
    And there's not a single face you know in the maddening crowd
    When you know that you will make your way, but you just can't see how
    I will shine the light

    I will shine the light
    I will shine the light
    I will hold you in my arms until everything's alright
    I will shine the light

    When your worries, they won't let you sleep and rob you of your days
    And you've looked in all directions but you still can't find your way
    Or when you just need someone to remind you that it's all gonna be okay
    I will shine the light

    I will shine the light
    I will shine the light
    When you're staring down your demons waiting in your darkest night
    I will shine the light

    Sometimes we jump into the great unknown
    Some roads we're on, we'll have to walk alone
    But waiting there in the end is a heart that calls you a friend
    That's me.
    Clapping the loudest, welcoming you home

    So when your heart is heavy like a stone
    From carrying it's load
    And you look into the mirror and see someone you don't know
    Or when the shadows are closing in on you like a hand around your throat
    I will shine the light

    I will shine the light
    I will shine the light
    When you've given into your fear
    When you've lost your will to fight
    Let me know that I can do
    Let me try to make it right
    And I will shine the light
    I will shine the light Writer/s: Jennifer O Nettles
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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