I Was Married

Album: The Con (2007)
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  • I married in the sun (tell me where tell me where)
    Against the stone of buildings built before
    You and I were born (start again start again)
    To my heart confusion rose against
    The muscles fought so long (fought so long)

    To control against the pull of one
    Magnet to another magnet to another

    Now we look up in (tell me who tell me who)

    To the hours of bodies breaking past
    They seem so very tough (it's a lie it's a lie)
    They seem so very scared of us
    I look into the mirror (look into)
    For evil that just does not exist
    I don't see what they see (tell them that tell them that)

    Try to control the pull of one
    Magnet to another magnet to another
    Magnet to another magnet to another Writer/s: Sara Keirsten Quin, Tegan Rain Quin
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Sydney from St. Louis, Molike daniel said its about gay marriage. she talks of those opposed to gay marriage as "trying to control the pull of one magnet to another magnet" the pull of the magnets being the love between her and her partner and more generally the love between all couples regardless of sexuality, gender, race, age, etc. also, she says, "i look into the mirror, for evil that just does not exist, i don't see what they see (tell them that tell them that)" and she is trying to show how she cant see the "wrong" or "evil" others (anti-gays) see in her because of her homosexuality. in the mirror she sees no difference between herself and anyone else in the world
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