Album: Eat A Peach (1972)
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  • Walk along the river, sweet lullaby
    It just keep on flowing
    They don't worry 'bout where it's goin', no, no
    Don't fly mister blue bird
    I'm just walking down the road
    Early morning sunshine tell me all I need to know

    You're my blue sky, you're my sunny day
    Lord, you know it makes me high
    When you turn your love my way
    Turn your love my way, yeah

    Good ol' Sunday morning bells are ringing everywhere
    Goin' to Carolina, it won't be long and I'll be there

    You're my blue sky, you're my sunny day
    Lord, you know it makes me high
    When you turn your love my way
    Turn your love my way, yeah, yeah Writer/s: Forrest Richard Betts
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
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  • Ronnie Herrin from Gwinnett County, GaAs good as they got, after Duane ... Duane hired me as a "personal assistant" (don't go there) just after the MSG concert made their name nationally; I had been a DJ in South GA. I lasted until just after he killed himself on that God-forsaken motorcycle. The rest of the band didn't need me, and I didn't have the heart to stay anyway; a great ride while it lasted.
  • Galen , from N Califearly morning sunshine tells me all I need to know. That's a feeling (mind set) that I felt once in my life. I was walking down a mountain road in the early morning when those lyrics became real. I knew were you were coming from dickie.
  • Cholly from TorontoShould read "Native Canadian girlfriend' . Sandy is from Sudbury, Ontario, but her native roots (Ojibwe) are on Manitoulin Island. She did quite well in life and went on to be a career civil servant, specializing in Native treaties, for the Canadian government, after her studies at the university of Toronto. She lives in Gatineau Quebec in the winter and Manitoulin Ontario in the summer. Nice lady. [Got that fixed. Thank you. -editor]
  • Craig W. Rittel from South KoreaThis is my favorite song of all time, Dicky really nailed it when wrote this one. I can clearly remember the first time I heard this song, I was laying back drinking a cold Bush and this song came on the radio. Needless to say I bought this album as soon as it hit the music stores in St. Louis. I also went to the concert that promoted the Brothers and Sisters Album at Keil Autitorium, which was the big venue in St. Louis at time.
  • Chris from New York CityIf you have a chance look up the Sept 71 version from Stonybrook University, the best version existing despite the bootleg nature. Best guitar duet perhaps ever.
  • Brett from Spokane, WaBlue Sky and Layla. The two most beautiful, feel good songs of all time. How about that, Duane plays a large part in both of these , coincidence? You cannot say enough about Dickey Betts. The guy is phenomenal with style that is all his. There is no mistaking him with another. A very good argument could be made that these three are among, if not the three best there ever has been. More soul, talent and style than you can find anywhere. Sure there are great players out there, but none like these three. Of course, when you here their tunes it takes you to back to a time, and that has something to do with the good feeling you get when you hear them, but you have to really listen to these to appreciate, then listen again, and again, then you will begin to hear the genius of Duane, Eric and Dickey... Now go listen to Blue Sky, you'll be floating like clouds in that Big Blue Sky....
  • Karl from Fairfield, PaOne of the best guitar solos ever. Dickey plays first then Duane.
  • Sandy from Landenberg, PaI love this it over and over! Lifts my spirits! Thank you Duane and Dicky..............Love ABB!
  • Cory from Nashville, TnI absolutely love this song. I play the guitar and I learned this one by ear...not sure if it's exactly right but this song is soo much fun to play and listen to.
  • Elmo from Southeast Missouri, MoTo elaborate on what "Chris" wrote:

    The first solo is Duane. 2nd is Dickey. Then they harmonize after

    Simply a classic song - on of my all-time top three from ABB.

    God rest soul of Duane and Barry! OE
  • Joe from New York, NyI recently started getting serious about guitar playing and I picked Blue Sky as my second piece, just behind Mark Knopfler's tunnel of love. The thing about Duane and Dicky is that they could take four notes and play them so different each time that you would think they were all over the neck. That's pure genius. Blue Sky has more sould than 99% of all the songs I've ever heard. I can't stop hearing it in my head. Makes me want to go to Carolina.
  • Vince from Lantana, FlJust came back from the Allman bros museum. My daughter and I loved it.....Dickey wrote Blue Sky right there in the kitchen,,,,,also wrote ramblin man looking out the window at highway 41.If you get a chance to go to Macon Georgia don't miss this or the grave site of Duane and Berry.....It is an awesome place.....ADIOS!!!!!!!!
  • Carole from Sacramento, CaA masterpiece. Lord have mercy...get your car on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, roll down the windows, crank this will soar. God rest you Duane !
  • Dane from Lima,ohio, FlPositive lyrics,a gorgeous melody,a really long break in the middle & "Lord you know you make me high when you turn you love my way"
  • Sarah from Baton Rouge, LaBlue Sky is my favorite song of all time. A natural high every time I play it. Thanks d. Betts for writing and singing an such an amazing soulful epic rock song. Sjs Baton Rouge Louisiana.
  • Vince from Lantana, FlThe Best,,,,I can't get enough of this solo!!!!!!!
  • Vince from Lantana, FlBest song ever recorded,,,,I'm driving my harley 700 miles to see Duane and Berry's Grave,,,,Love you Dickey the most underrated guitar Player.....Vince
  • Keegan from San Jose, Cathis song is nothing short of truley amazing and beatiful. there is nothing to dilike about this song its just perfect. the beginning of that solo is so awesome duane just nails it perfectly.
  • Vince from Lantana, FlThis song is probably my favorite of all time...I am 46 years old and have been listening to it for years.It always brings me back to when I was 12 years old looking up at the sun and smiling!!!!If Duane and Dickey don't make you smile when you listen to this song you are dead!!!!!!Vinny Lantana FL.
  • Niles from Belpre, Ohthe more you listen to the allman bros. the better they sound
  • T from Fort Lauderdale, FlI think he wrote it to God.
  • Drew from Buffalo, NyThis song has so much in it its should be ranked up there with the greats. First of all it can make anybody feel like your on the top of the world. Second the solo is mesmerizing and incredible. Third he named it after his former wife's nickname, which they had a girl name "Jessica". Basically that's two girls that created great rock songs.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InNow, HERE is a song that would cheer up even the saddest of sadsacks!
    Gorgeous work from Duane (RIP), Dickey, and Berry.
    Such a pretty song.
  • Geoff from Atlanta, GaProbably one of the greatest songs ever recorded, and one of the dearest to my heart. I was 12 when Duane was killed and 13 when Berry died. Duane was killed 7 days after my birthday, and I still remember it. I listened to WIBB, as I am sure that Duane, Gregg, Berry, and the band did when they rested from exhaustive touring at the Big House in Macon.
    Much comment has been made regarding the spectacularly poignant and skillful guitar work of the Betts/Allman duo and I agree much praise is deserved, but if you listen closely, a true virtuoso laid down some really great improvised bass riffs as well throughout the entire song. Berry and Duane were very close, and you can hear it in their interwoven, expressive lines during Duane's half of the lead break. When Dickie takes over, Berry steps out, and some of the most melodic bass to ever be recorded shines like a bright monument in bass-playing history, often moving me to tears when I listen. I hear influences from James Jamerson to Charles Mingus, and even Carol Kaye - Berry held his own in the illustrious roll-call of bass history.
    This song never fails to make me homesick for Georgia.
  • David from Orlando, FlThis song showcases a unique guitar style that Dicky and Duane used on many of the Allman Brothers songs. One guitarist plays a lick in a minor pentatonic scale while the other simultaneously plays the identical lick in a major pentatonic scale. Put more simply, one guy is fretting his lick four frets below the other. You can hear that effect on the transition between leads on this song, as Dicky and Duane both simultaneously play the same riff. It creates a unique tonal effect and, once you know to listen for it, you hear the same effect used on many other Allman Brothers songs.
  • Ty from Chino Hills, CaI saw Dickey Betts at the Santa Monica Civic in high school in either '75 or '76 and he played everything except Blue Sky. After the show, a group of about 150-200 walked to the front of the stage while the roadies were breaking down the stage with all the lights on, and chanted "Blue Sky." They'd even taken down a big curtain exposing an old brick wall behind the stage. After about 5 minutes, Dickey walked out, told the roadies what to hook back up, and played it for just us... my greatest concert memory ever!
  • Markus from Fargo, NdThis is by far my favorite song of all time. I discovered this song when i was 17 years old. Its an inspires me to a level that i cannot even explain. It always reminds me that no matter what happens there will b better days!
  • Scott from Boston, MaProbably one of the most underrated guitar solos of all-time. How this isn't near the top of every list of greatest guitar solos is beyond me.
  • Dickie Bird from Palos Verde Penn, CaI was smoking some good hashish with my friend john mcdonald, we would both get excellently wasted together and fall asleep,but we would have. We wer making beef jerkey and could not aford to let it dry out and burn, and I would fall asleep and john would start prodding me,DB ,DB! ,get up and lets ch3ck the meat. Oh yea john I am not too wasted , thank god you ar3 paying attention,and john would say ,yes you stupid ass ..... Well the beef jerkey came oput good and then later on john showed me Blue Sky On John Glicks huge stereo. GHosh it made my lay down nmy ideas of stairway just to float in such beauty of song
  • Tonk from Ringgold, GaIt was '73 and I was recently over my 1st love. I stopped in a cafe every day on the way to work and played 2 songs on the juke box, one of them Blue Sky.

    Talk about a song that reminds me of a new page in the rest of my life! 34+ years later, same feeling. An absolutely brilliant song that's stayed with me for a lifetime.

    Thank you Allman Brothers and a special thanks to Dickey Betts...

  • Lozi from Harrogate, EnglandWell hi,All i can add to the above is that i've been listening to this for 29yrs- i'm 42 now.I've always loved the guitar.Lyricly this is sweet, but when duane comes in its just a rollercoaster of a ride for me right through,it really sends me.As Scricharan says,a lump in the throat and a tear in the eye.What a phenominal gift our friends have.Sublime,joyous,it just sings at you,doesn't it!!How does Dickey take over like that and keep it going.Wow!! May sound odd but when i pass this will be played proudly because it sings joy.Hello heaven !!
  • Elmo from Southeast, MoYes, Duane plays the first solo, then Dickey, then they sync at the end. Simply a beautiful song, with Duane and Dickey (together) at their peak. I never get tired of this song.
  • Hendrixlover from Does It Matter?, Casweet song. i love the riff at around 2:03 that duane plays. awesome stuff
  • Jim from Laramie, WyHands down "Blue Sky" by The Allman Brothers Band is the greatest song of all time. Perfectly orchestrated transition solo from Duane Allman to Dickey Betts. Duane showed a melodic sound from his signature Les Paul, and Dickey Betts showed us sort of a bouncy country solo, that makes you have goose bumps. The lyrics and name of the song go along perfectly with the music of the song. "Blue Sky", which is sung and written by Dickey Betts, is the first of many songs that Dickey Betts actually is the lead singer, such as "Ramblin' Man" and "Pony Boy"........
  • John from Yonkers, NyI am pretty sure Duane Allman played the first half of the solo and Dickey playe the second half. When my son was 2, he wouldn't go to sleep unless I either sang or played this song for him. One day, I sent an e-mail to a radio DJ relaying this fact in response to a comment the DJ had made about that someone's young child who loved a ceratin rock song. As luck would have it, Dickey was an in-studio guest the next day and the DJ told him about my e-mail and how my son's love for the song demonstrated how timeless it was.
  • Chris from Westlake Village, CaI had the ultimate honor of speaking to Dickey Betts on the radio show "Rockline" in 2005. I told him that we were all lifetime Allman Brother / Great Southern fans and my all time favorite song is Blue Sky.I said I could wake up to that song every morning and could you please tell us the story of the song. He went on to tell the story of his girlfriend who became his wife.I think She may have been at the Roxy when we saw him perform there around 1977-79. He STOPPED THE SHOW and ran to the back to give this long dark haired girl A hug. Was it her?, well it's his business but I have seen Dickey perform recently A couple times and he is as great as ever! I will never forget that night on Rockline. I have it on cassette tape and will transfer to CD soon I hope.And I will never forget that night at the Roxy! Anyway, Walk along the river! Chris, Westlake Village,CA
  • Sricharan from Hyderabad, Indiawhat an unbelievably happy song. searingly joyous. i've been playing this song on Repeat and each time i listen to the lead, i get a lump in my throat and tears line my eyelids.
    seriously how many of the new crop can play like this or choose to play like this?
  • Jeff from Pittsburgh, PaDuane plays the first half of the solo, Dickey the second
  • Julie from Chicago, IlI just heard this song in a commercial for a menopause drug.
  • Magnolia from San Francisco, Cai saw a rockin' version live last summer.....

    Magnolia, 810 Haight Street, CA
  • Tyler from Providence, Rigreat guitar work in this song. actually its more of an art then work in this song. Absolutely love this song
  • Larry from Phoenix, AzOne of my 3 favorite songs. Fantastic guitar. Great lyrics. It just makes me feel good to listen to it.
  • Don from Phoenix, AzOf course the guitar work is among the best ever. But I've also always thought that it's a good example of how the simplest lyrics can be the best; I still can feel the simple, plain comfort and fulfillment of that "good ol' Sunday morning" walk along the road, where the "early mornin' sunshine tells me all I need to know." That's a happy man; would that we all could feel that sometimes!
  • Paul from Ithaca, NyDoes anyone know who plays what half of the solo? If I had to guess I would say that Dickey plays the first half, but I really have no idea.
  • Barry from New York, NyIn various live shows in the late 90s, the Allmans performed this song with a "Franklin's Tower" tease. Eventually, the ABB did perform "Franklin's Tower" in its entirety with Oteil Burbridge singing lead.
  • Vivek from Bangalore, IndiaLegend has it that the movie "Almost famous" is a story based on The Allman brothers band. The band "stillwater" in the movie apparently is none other than The Allman brothers band!!
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, Sc"Bluesky." What a beautiful song that is. thowe guitar solos are some og the best, and they show what a great guitar player dicky bets is."
  • Jim from Toledo, OhYES YES and YES. this song is pure genius
  • David from Palmyra, PaMy favorite song. Blue Sky by the Allman Brothers. What more can I say.
  • Mitchell from Wayne, PaI'm not into the "best ever" or "greatest" or such other hyperbole. But, along with Jessica, this song constitutes my favorite 1-2 punch of any band.
  • Carroll from Toms River, NjProbably the best guitar of all time on a studio album. It is very melodic and he seems to hit every single note on his guitar.
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