Charlotte Sometimes

Album: Staring At The Sea - The Singles (1986)
Charted: 44
  • All the faces
    All the voices blur
    Change to one face
    Change to one voice
    Prepare yourself for bed
    The light seems bright
    And glares on white walls
    All the sounds of
    Charlotte sometimes
    Into the night with
    Charlotte sometimes

    Night after night she lay alone in bed
    Her eyes so open to the dark
    The streets all looked so strange
    They seemed so far away
    But Charlotte did not cry

    The people seemed so close
    Playing expressionless games
    The people seemed
    So close
    So many
    Other names

    Sometimes I'm dreaming
    Where all the other people dance
    Sometimes I'm dreaming
    Charlotte sometimes
    Sometimes I'm dreaming
    Expressionless the trance
    Sometimes I'm dreaming
    So many different names
    Sometimes I'm dreaming
    The sounds all stay the same
    Sometimes I'm dreaming
    She hopes to open shadowed eyes
    On a different world
    Come to me
    Scared princess
    Charlotte sometimes

    On that bleak track
    (See the sun is gone again)
    The tears were pouring down her face
    She was crying and crying for a girl
    Who died so many years before

    Sometimes I dream
    Where all the other people dance
    Sometimes I dream
    Charlotte sometimes
    Sometimes I dream
    The sounds all stay the same
    Sometimes I'm dreaming
    There are so many different names
    Sometimes I dream
    Sometimes I dream

    Charlotte sometimes crying for herself
    Charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself
    But it's always with love
    With so much love it looks like
    Everything else
    Of Charlotte sometimes
    So far away
    Glass sealed and pretty
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Bernie from BurnsviewThat's not Janet. I've seen pictures of Janet Smith/Thompson. She has higher cheekbones than the girl in the video. Do you really think Robert Smith would star his sister in a Cure video?
  • Gino from Caracas, VenezuelaThe girl of the video is Robert Smith's sister Janet. She later married The Cure's guitarist Porl Thompson.
  • Herve from Brooklyn, NyMembers of the Cure have often said that they hated the video to "charlotte sometimes"
  • Jon-michael from Augusta, Georgia, Gai read the book charlotte sometimes and i loved it. i love the song and video.!! the cure is perfect.
  • Savannah from Salem, InI love the video. Its extremely eerie.
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