Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine

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  • We took a walk that night, but it wasn't the same
    We had a fight on the promenade out in the rain
    She said she loved me, but she had somewhere to go
    She couldn't scream while I held her close
    I swore I'd never let her go

    Tell me what you want to know
    Oh come on, oh come on, oh come on
    There ain't no motive for this crime
    Jenny was a friend of mine
    So come on, oh come on, oh come on

    I know my rights, I've been here all day and it's time
    For me to go, so let me know if it's alright
    I just can't take this, I swear I told you the truth
    She couldn't scream while I held her close
    I swore I'd never let her go

    Tell me what you want to know
    Oh come on, oh come on, oh come on
    And then you whisper in my ear
    I know what you're doing here
    So come on, oh come on, oh come on
    There ain't no motive for this crime
    Jenny was a friend of mine
    Oh come on, oh come on, oh come on Writer/s: Brandon Flowers, Dave Brent Keuning, Mark August Stoermer, Ronnie Jr. Vannucci
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group, Downtown Music Publishing, Songtrust Ave, BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Chris from Germany when i first bought the HOT FUSS album in 2005 and listened to it, the refrain reminded me of IN BETWEEN DAYS by THE CURE
  • Caio from Campinas, BrazilA shame this song isn't in the Direct Hits album... I really missed it there since it has the best dancing contagious bass line ever! :D
  • Erika from Fox Valley, WiBobby, No "Where Is She" (aka Soft Surrender) is not related to the Murder Trilogy songs at all. Where Is She was written about the real life murder of a teenage girl, I keep thinking she was in Scotland, but I could be wrong about that fact. The girl was a fan of The Killers. The girls family didn't feel comfortable giving the band permission to record a song written about their daughters murder as an official single. The band respected their wishes, which is why you can only find live performances of the song.
  • Bobbie from Edmotnon, AbDoes the song "where is she " fit in at all to the trilogy? I realize trilogy means three, but it seems to fit a bit too well to not have anything to do with it.
  • Alyssa from Spring Lake, MiOkay, you can't just look at this song by itself. You need to look at it as a part of the trilogy. Yes, Steven, songs are not normally taken literally but this one is in fact meant to be literal. Like Paris said, it goes "Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf" (This is showing the end of their relationship. He's been drinking and is obviously not in a clear state of mind. "Jennifer tell me where I stand. And whose that boy, holding your hand?" He discovers she has cheated and obviously is pissed.) Okay, moving on to "Midnight Show" the second part. This is the scene where he actually does kill her. If you listen to the lyrics you get the sense that he has planned from the beginning he is going to kill her. "I know there's a hope. There's too many people trying to help me cope." His friends are trying to convince him to be rational after he finds out about her affair. And later "A crashing tide can't hide a guilty girl.... I took my babies breath underneath the chandelier of stars and atmosphere and watched her disappear into the Midnight Show." He killed her and the "Midnight Show" is basically the murder because no one sees the things that happen in the middle of the night. Finally that brings us to "Jenny was a Friend of Mine." Here he is obviously being interogated and telling his side of the story and what happened. The whole whisper in my ear thing is what cops do. They say "I know what you're doing here." as the suspect is playing victim and trying to convince him of his innocence. A way to break them basically. (If you've seen ANY cop shows!) Through the whole song he is begging and pleading. Jenny whispering that would be really random. You know, cause she's dead and if he was going to have her come back and say something it would not be that. Kay... sorry that was so long.
  • Laurent from Montreal, QcSteven is wrong for thinking that it's Jenny that is actually whispering in her boyfriend's hear; it's obviously the policeman who's trying to make him confess is crime... He ALWAYS speaks about Jenny in the third person for the WHOLE SONG; it wouldn't make sense to change it once out of the blue.
  • Paris from Cardiff, United KingdomThe Killers could go for world domination in my view! i love them so much- im completely obssessed! the murder trilogy, which i have done my homework on and have found out its 'Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf' then 'Midnight Show' and then 'Jenny was A Friend Of Mine' is one of the best things ever written. Brandon Flowers is a genius, and no one can deny it
  • Steven from San Bernardino, Cawe all understand this song has the atmosphere of an interogation, but we dont take books and songs especially rock songs literally, so why take this one, the killers always promote the killing of the soul, hence the killers, jenny was a friend of mine in my opinion is, comment me if you wish, but the story of jenny(name representing genesis) who was the innerchild of a girl,the alive spirit and imaginitive mind of a beautiful soul, and once jenny is taken into a relationship, her soul fights for its independence, "she couldnt scream while i held her throat/close/coat'whatever he mixes it up at concerts,"i swore i never let her go"before a claim or possesion is ever taken by a man or woman, the fire of the relationship dies, there is no longer that secret magical goosebumb feeling, and the part when he says,"and then you wisper in my ear, i know what your doing here...most likely what keeps us all in a relationship, she didnt say i know what your doing here, the wisper was "i love you"
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThe keyboards in this song are amazing. The Killers rock and this song proves that!
  • Dustin from Hickory, NcListen Very carefully!!
    Leave the Bourbon-- was about they're argument
    Jenny was a friend-- was later that night at the party they argued and she left,then he kills Jenny, then the interogation.
    Midnight show--He retells what happened in Jenny was a friend, she IS the midnight show (the death)...What a brillant set of songs
  • Jojo from San Jose, CaI know that it's the Murder Trilogy, and Trilogy means 3 songs...but "Under The Gun" does fit perfectly as a song in between "Midnight Show" and "Jenny was a Friend of Mine".
  • Miranda from Somewhere, CoAnd George, your wrong too.
    This is about Brandon Flowers' ACTUAL FRIEND.
    And he wasn't alive in the 60's, so its obviously not this girl your talking about. Totally different.
  • Miranda from Somewhere, CoSara from Fayettville is incorrect (sorry), but I think we have proven time and time again that "Andy, you're a star" has nothing to do with it!.
    It's the murder trilogy!
    that means 3 duh.
    So it ends there.
    And you're probably thinking well mabye another song could still have something to do with it.
    Well it doesnt, it eneds with those three songs, the rest of the songs are different storys.
  • Miranda from Somewhere, CoI really want to know what Jenny's story is, like where she was from. I'm doing this thing on myspace and i need to know where she is from, any help?
  • George from Coaldale, Pa this will explain it. all the strangling talk was right. its about a guy who killed a girl in the sixties. the guy was known as the preppie killer... could be some inspiration for the name of the band too possibly...
  • Madison from I Don't Want You To Molest Me, MeI think that Andy loves Jenny, but he is insane and obsessed. He loses his mind when Jenny says she has somewhere to go and the thought of her leaving him makes him go mad, and he kills her. Even though he truly loves her. The way he sings the song makes it sound like he is crazy and has lost his mind. It just doesn't make sense that it could be manslaughter...people don't accidentally suffocate the people they love. I think that when the police are interrogating him he feels guilty about what he did, and maybe even in denial. I DON'T think that he was trying to convince the POLICE that he wasn't guilty, as much as he was trying to convince HIMSELF that he wasn't guilty. It's a really sad song and it tells a great story.
  • Bryan from Myrtle Beach, ScNVM that songs supposedly about a girl who got killed who's favorite band was the killers so they wrote a song about it with her mom... Still it goes with the murder thing
  • Bryan from Myrtle Beach, ScIf you listen to soft surrender that song really really fits with this whole murder thing. To begin with the song starts out with"A police car Was outside your house today i havent seen you in a couple of days" and then "Your mother looked scared But she didn't cry" and "On one hand I've got myself to blame But on the other it's always the same." Finaly the chorous "Where is she Where is she Where is my baby girl? I've seen you You're crazy What have you done with my whole wide world?" I think thats the mother talking to the killer. It kindof makes sense if you put the songs together.
  • Libby from Oklahoma City, OkMy teacher is a huge fan of the killers, and he explained it.
    in Jenny was a friend of mine,
    brandon killed jenny.
    'she couldnt scream while i held her close,
    i swore id never let her go.'
    he suffocated her.
    in the song,
    hes being interrogated by police.

    all of his songs have a story.
  • Sonia from Melbourne,Laycee is a girl's name. I feel stupid now
  • Sonia from Melbourne,The 25 minute video has been cancelled, argh!
    Great song. Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf is an absolute shocker in my opinion though, I actually liked their older stuff much better. Their new western style is weirrddd lol.
    Okay about the song, obviously a police interrogation, why else would he say "I know my rights"?
    Also Laycee from Jacksonville is right on the money with his comment there, Andy You're a Star has nothing to do with anything over here
  • Moo from Moo, Australiaok so here's what I think it is but it's just a guess.

    jenny and singerdude were like bf/gf and jenny is acting weird all night [we took a walk last night but it wasn't the same] and so then she says "I have to go" and he doesn;t want her to so they yell and get in a fight and then he grabs her and holds her too close and then he accidentally suffocates her.

    [there ain't no motive for this crime]he didn't mean to kill her [it's manslaughter] and he was mad but didn't even mean to hurt her.

    since she had wanted to go[she said she loved me but she had somewhere to go]and he hadn't wanted her to he wanted to hold her close. he knew that if she left then she would not come back. so he wanted to hold her, but he suffocated her.

    then the police come and he tells them everything but obviously they want more. they keep him there and accuse him of murder again and again, even though it wasn't even intentionally assault. it was a crime of passion&manslaughter.
  • Abby from Manchester, United Kingdomi think the girl in the Murder Trilogy is called Jenny because Brandon Flowers favourite movie is Forest Gump and maybe the song relates to the film a little..? please correct me if im wrong
  • Jonas from Leverkusen, GermanyI think that this line has nothing to do with the police. It's more likely someone he knows, or himself. It doesn't seem right that the police is so trustfully speaking to him.

    "leave the bourbon on the shelf" is on the B-sites album sawdust out now. It was in the internet for download, too. I think the song isn't the best, but it fits to the story.

    To the theorem about that whole-album-story I think it's interseeting,. but unlikely. Smile like you mean it belongs to some soundtrack, and the other songs don't really fit.
    All this about gayness is intersting too. But in Andy, you're a star it says ".. in nobodys eyes but mine", so it has nothing to do with andy andy, his girlfrind and his carrier I think

  • Matthew from Calgaryto Laycee in Jacksonville, i think that the part where he says "and then you whisper in my ear, i know what you're doing here" is either the police saying that they know he did it, or him saying that the police are just trying to get him to say he did it, and he's not falling for it. but that part screws me up too
  • Matthew from CalgaryTo Ryan from Glassgow i think that's an awesome theory, even though its wrong. this song only fits with leave the bourbon on the shelf and midnight show. its a murder TRILOGY not a whole album story. each song tells it's own story except this song and midnight show
  • Ryan from Glassgow , OtherI think that hot fuss means there is alot going on , therefore tht jenny was a friend of mine starts of by him being spoke by the police then mr.brightside was him rememberin what happend therefores smile like u mean it is him smilin at every thing happenin then somebody told him is him being told about the gf then and then all these things ive done is him tellig us he tells ppl hes doing all the bad things then i dono how and ur a star works but on top may be tht he is on top as hes killed her then belive me natile is hes telling someone then midnight show is him rembering how he killed her and finaly every thing will be alright is its all over!! :| :D
  • Michaela from Camden, NjThe Killers are amazing.
    I saw them live in September, and during Jenny, he did the "She kicked and screamed while I held her throat" part instead of the "She couldn't scream while I held her close".
    It was phenomenal.
  • Dudley from Norwich, EnglandIn this song he tells the cop that he has no motive for this crime..but we all know that something happened.they had a fight in the promenade out in the rain, so they were fighting already..probably about her cheating which u would get the idea from the line She said she loved me, but she had somewhere to go.i think even though he killed her that he still loves her and he regrets doesnt seem like the police found out it was him..he tells them he has no motive for this crime, jenny was a friend of mine.i love this of the best on the album.
  • Hitchhiker from Inmyroom, OtherI like very much the vocals at the line "tell me what you want to know, oh come on..."
  • Eireann from Las Vegas, NvI was listening to this song one day and I realized how perfectly it fits with the show Twin Peaks. ("We took a walk that night, but it wasn't the same") Laura Palmer was involved in bad stuff near the end. ("We had a fight on the promenade out in the rain") A promenade, like a bridge which is the last place she was seen ("She said she loved me, but she had somewhere to go") With her boyfriend. ("There ain't no motive for this crime
    Jenny was a friend of mine") Her boyfriend was being accused of killing her. There's more too but my post is already pretty long, so.......... I'll shut up now.
  • Josh from San Antonio, TxThis musical trilogy is really awsome and kind of makes me mad that i havent heard "leave the bourbon on the shelf".
  • Katie from Tuscaloosa, AlThis song is obviously about an interrogation. At least, that's what I think.Since it's the first song on Hot Fuss, it's like the rest of the songs are him telling his story to whoever the interregator is in Jenny was a Friend of Mine.
  • Gary from Manchester, Englandyou know, i always thought this song was about a murder of sorts, and there was always this feeling of interrogation. but you all just confirmed it. i need to listen to midnight show again, and also that unreleased song. any ideas where i can get it? perhaps being called The Killers has something to do with the whole killing thing.
  • Maria from Nowhere, Otheri just read the lyrics to the song and suddenly realized it was about a murder... never thought about that before but its so obvious... i didnt know that the other songs had anything to do with it though... like Midnight show... but yeah this is cool :P
  • Steve from London, EnglandWho cares if they're gay or not? It never stops me appreciating good music.

    I guess it's an American thing huh?
  • Laycee from Jacksonville, Fli thnk the murder trilogy thing is awesome... at the beginning of this song you can hear police sirens. i just dont understand the part that says "and then you whisper in my ear, i know what your doing here" that the police saying that to him... or like his concious or what...that part throws me off....and to "Sara".. i do not believe that "Andy Your A Star" Has anything to do with this song. And i do not believe that the song is refering to any kind of homosexuality... i believe that it was a guy that he looked up to that was really good at sports, almost like a high school ledgend, and he gets over-obessesive with his girlfriend ("tell me shes not your world")...the writer is basicly wanting Andy to go on with his future, thinking that his obsession with his gf is going to overtake everything that he has worked to me......idk, i could be wrong, just my opinion (and Brandon Flowers is married so i defiatly do not beleive he is gay)
  • John from Sydney, AustraliaI'm never-endingly amused, riveted, fascinated and entertained by the bass line in this song. It's the best. There aren't many bass lines that you remember (since they are pretty much always so simple and slow) but this is one of them. haha, it's pretty sad when you start walking along the school corridors humming this bass line to yourself and dancing :P
  • Sara from Fayetteville, NcIt is actually theorized that Hot Fuss is about a covert homosexual highschool relationship (explaining the confusion of what gender's what in Somebody Told Me, and the devotion in Andy You're A Star). Jenny is supposedly Andy's "girlfriend," and so it unfolds. Where I read it:
    Under "Are the Killers Gayer than Fitness Fridays?" (Scroll down to read). Interesting, I guess, but I don't really think they're gay. 25 minute video would rock.
  • Benn from Toronto, CanadaThe Killers are Awesome! a 25 minute long video would be terrific. I look forward to seeing it now :)
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