Anybody Seen My Baby?

Album: Bridges To Babylon (1997)
Charted: 22
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  • She confessed her love
    Then she vanished on the breeze
    Trying to hold on to that was just impossible

    She was more than beautiful
    Closer to ethereal
    With a kind of down to earth flavor

    Close my eyes
    It's three in the afternoon
    Then I realize
    That she's really gone for good

    Anybody seen my baby
    Anybody seen her around
    Love has gone and made me blind
    I've looked but I just can't find
    She has gotten lost in the crowd

    I was flippin' magazines
    In that place on mercer street
    When I thought I spotted her

    Getting on a motor bike
    Looking really lady like
    Didn't she just give me a wave?

    Salty tears
    It's three in the afternoon
    Has she disappeared
    Has she really gone for good

    Anybody seen my baby
    Anybody seen her around
    If I just close my eyes
    I reach out and touch the prize
    Anybody seen her around

    We came to rock for Brooklyn
    And Queens and Manhattan
    And The Bronx and Staten Island
    I can't forget New Jersey and Long Island
    And all over the world, we came to rock for everybody like this

    Anybody seen my baby
    Anybody seen, anybody seen her around
    If I just close my eyes
    I reach out, I reach out and touch the prize
    Anybody seen her around

    Anybody seen my baby
    Anybody seen her around (lost, lost and never found)
    I must have called her a thousand times
    Sometimes I think she's just in my imagination

    Lost in the crowd Writer/s: Benjamin Mink, K.D. Lang, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Craig from Newport Beach, CaRegarding K.D. Lang's "contribution" to the song: Keith Richards said as the Stones listened back to ANYBODY in the studio, something sounded familiar about it that they could not put their finger on. Later Keith was playing the recording at home, and his daughter and her friend started spontaneously singing Lang's song along with the Stones' song. And Keith thought, "Oh, boy, maybe that's what sounded familiar to us in the studio." It could have been pure coincidence, or else subconscious influence. But just to play it safe, and because they were up against a deadline, the Stones gave Lang credit. Mick thought they shouldn't, and maybe he's right. ANYBODY SEEN MY BABY is a much better song than CONSTANT CRAVING. It's understandable that Lang said she was "flattered" the Stones gave her a credit.
  • Eric from Hastings, Mnumm what was the point?
  • Homero from Monterrey , MexicoNot a very good song in my opinion. Can you notice that Lang contributed more to the song than the RS ???
  • Mark from Los Angeles, Cabiz markie does the rap, it was sampled from his first album
  • Car from Tulsa, OkMick Jagger said openly that he got the idea for the song from one of her songs. (lang)
  • Jacquie from Sparks, NvAngelina Jolie was in the video for this song. There were actually two versions, one version more explicit (with nudity) than the other.
  • Jade from Chippewa Falls, Wi This was possibly about Mick Jagger's dreams about Mary Badham. She dated him for a day and he fell for her, but she didn't want anything to do with him. This is a good song
  • Charles from New York, NyDoes anybody of note do the rap part?
  • Yo from Honolulu, Hianyone know the 411 on the title Bridges to Babylon?
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