Bad Weather

Album: At Their Best (1973)
Charted: 37 87
  • Why is it we can't be the way we used to be?
    Problems, we would work it out, whenever there was any doubt
    You use to trust in me but now you're leaving me to suffer
    Oh, oh, oh yeah a-yeah, if you give love a chance
    I'll do the best I can, we can work it out in time
    And mend the pieces of our lives, please believe in me
    Every day is looking darker

    Think I'm gonna run into bad weather, skies are gray
    'Cause our love just ain't together
    Think I'm gonna run into bad weather
    'Cause our love just ain't together

    All the things we used to do, together me and you
    Think of the fun we had and how our love's suppose to last
    Mistakes were not all you, I know I made some too, sugar, baby, baby
    Open up your eyes and see that you're the one for me
    Let's fix it, there's still time, we can love, love sunshine
    Baby, won't you please stop it, don't make me suffer

    Think I'm gonna run into bad weather, look at the rain
    'Cause our love just ain't together, no
    Think I'm gonna run into bad weather
    'Cause our stuff just ain't together

    Now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now, yeah, yeah
    Think I'm gonna run into bad weather
    'Cause our love just ain't together, oh no

    Think I'm gonna run into bad weather, look at the rain
    'Cause our stuff just ain't together, hey, baby, baby, baby, yeah
    Bad weather, bad weather, bad weather, our love just ain't together
    (It ain't together, no, run into bad weather)
    Gonna run, gonna run, I'm gonna run, I'm gonna run
    You got me running, you got me running, hey yeah

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  • Kristin from Bessemer, AlWhen Motown slowly began to lose interest in the Supremes, Mary Wilson, the only original member at the time, scrambled for ways to put the Supremes back on top - since current member Lynda Laurence was a member of Stevie Wonder's back-up group Wonderlove, Wilson asked Laurence if Stevie could write/produce a song for them - this is the result. its a great song, but Motown simply was not interested in pushing it.
  • Kent from Toronto, CanadaUp until "Bad Weather", strangely enough, all Supremes singles following Diana Ross's departure had fared significantly better than they had with her for years... in the UK. (Their last UK top ten hit had been "Reflections", #5 in 1967. With the new line-up, the first five consecutive singles made top ten: "Up The Ladder To The Roof": #6, "Stoned Love": #3, "Nathan Jones": #5, "Floy Joy": #9, "Automatically Sunshine": #10. Compare to the seven preceding Ross & Supremes positions, chronologically: #13, #28, #34, #15, #14, #37, #13.) "Bad Weather" broke the run by peaking at #37 in that market... bad, indeed, although the song is quite OK.
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