Real Good Looking Boy

Album: The Who Then And Now (1964 - 2004) (2004)
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  • When I think back to the
    first time in my childhood
    When I saw that face
    I thought right then,
    'That's a real good looking boy'

    I saw myself in the mirror
    in profile
    for the first time
    I thought,
    'Hey! That's a real good looking boy'

    And I felt then
    that I moved
    With all those lucky bucks and angels
    High in the theatre
    In the sky

    So I ran to my mother
    I said,
    'Mom take a look at me
    Have you ever seen a teen
    Fly so high?'

    That's a real good looking boy
    That's a real good looking boy

    She said,
    'Son, well, you know,
    you're an ugly boy.
    You don't really look like him

    In this long line
    There's been some
    real strange genes
    You've got 'em all
    You've got 'em all
    With some extras thrown in'

    That's a real good looking boy
    That's a real good looking boy
    That's a real good looking boy
    That's a real good looking boy

    Wise men say
    Only fools, only fools rush in
    But I, I can't help
    Falling in love, in love with you

    Now I'm here with you little darling
    And you say, 'You're beautiful as you are'
    And I've managed somehow to survive

    You arrived in my life like a fragrance
    You helped me find a way to laugh
    Now I know where my so-called beauty lies

    God gave him a face
    Then he gave me something above
    God gave me a grace
    Then he gave me your sweet, sweet, sweet love

    You make me feel like I'm a real good looking boy
    I feel I'm a real good looking boy
    That's a real good looking boy
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  • Rob S. from ChicagoIn the last verse Roger sings “God gave him a face” which has always lead me to believe he is singing about his son, a real good looking boy. Does anyone else interpret the lyrics like that?
  • Scott from California If you see Pete Townsend perform this in “the attic” YouTube video, it’s pretty clear (to me) that he wrote it. There were even some added lyrics in that version that provide more color to the story, particularly how the guitar was to help him rise up. Awesome rendition. The emotions are poignant.
  • Ryan Davies from Wirral What a Song and What tribute to a Legend. Absolutely Genius Lyrics. Brilliant
  • Bob from Elkhart, InNice quote from the Detroit concert on 29 Sep 2009. However, Daltrey did not state that the song was about Elvis bla, bla, bla. Daltrey stated that He does not have No Idea what Pete was thinking nor does he know what the meanings of Pete's lyrics are about. Daltrey stated that to himself, he intrepid the song to be about himself and that "A man that changed my life at the age of 11. I saw Elvis Presley live at 11. Thank God I did, I loved him because everybody under the age of 20 thought they were Elvis and dressed like him. Everybody over 20 hated them and that was good enough for me." The true meaning of the song remains unknown.
  • Timothy from Bristol,vt, VtDoes anyone have the complete lyrics(maybe from the sheet music)for The Who's "Real Good Looking Boy"? Inside the back page of the 2004 CD "Then And Now",it states the complete lyrics are available at Have been looking and searching for 30 minutes.Can't seem to find them anywhere. It's a very poignent song about the 1st time Roger Daltrey was Elvis perform as an 11-yr old boy in England. Much thanks to anyone who can post the lyrics and maybe e-mail me,
  • Brad from Lexington, KyBetter than anything on Endless Wire. Although "It's Not Enough" is pretty good too.
  • Guy from Benson, NcSaw the video of the making of this song and man Greg lake was HUGE!!!! Does he have a thyroid condition or did he just let himself go? Decent song. It's not "I Can See For Miles", but it's good. Better than that stupid Tea and theater crap they are now singing.
  • Colin from New Egypt, NjI LOVE the who but HATE this song
  • Lukas from Long Island, NyThe Who performed this at there latest concert, and I thought it was a really touching homage to Elvis.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaOne of the Who's better new songs. It can't beat there old stuff, but its nice to have something, in our generation
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