I Did It All

Album: Our Bright Future (2008)
  • A Cosmopolitan, a Manhattan
    Call me one
    Pour a round for me and my friends
    Cape Cod Sea Breeze, Long Island Ice Teas
    I won't go there or drink it if you paid me

    When they come to waylay me
    When they close in for the capture
    I did it all
    I did it all
    For the love and the laughter
    I did it all
    I did it all
    I did it all

    Slept in late
    Stayed up for days
    Partied hard
    Lived my twenties in haze
    Smoked second-hand in crowded bars
    With the A-list of B-list movie stars

    When they come to arrest me
    Pat me down and undress me
    I'll confess without miranda
    Strike a pose for the tabloid cameras
    I did it all
    I did it all
    I did it all

    I did it all
    I didn't ask permission
    I did it all
    What kind of life
    Is not an exhibition
    I did it all
    Crash and burn
    And then you know you're living
    I did it all
    Some pain a few tears after
    I did it all
    To the last line of the final chapter
    I did it all
    I did it all

    My heat is a wound that festers
    Seduced my share in silk and polyester
    Oh my great loves
    And my few losses
    I'll tell it all
    When my little black book is published

    When they come to interview me
    For my made for TV movie
    Say I'm the bitch who was a bastard
    Who did it all for the love and laughter
    I did it all
    I did it all
    I did it all Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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