Get Out of Your Own Way
by U2

Album: Songs of Experience (2017)
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  • Get out of your own way, ah, ah
    Get out of your own way, ah, ah

    Love hurts
    Now you're the girl who's left with no words
    Your heart's a balloon, but then it bursts
    It doesn't take a cannon, just a pin
    Your skin's not covering
    And resistance
    Love has got to fight for its existence
    The enemy has armies of assistance
    The amorous, the glamorous, the kiss
    A fist, listen to this, oh

    Get out of your own way, ah, ah
    Get out of your own way, ah, ah

    I could sing it to you all night, all night
    If I could, I'd make it alright, alright
    Nothing's stopping you except what's inside
    I can help you, but it's your fight

    So fight back
    Don't take it lyin' down, you got to bite back
    The face of liberty's starting to crack
    She had a plan up until she got a smack in the mouth
    And it all went south
    Like freedom
    The slaves are lookin' for someone to lead 'em
    The master's lookin' for someone to need him
    The promised land is there for those who need it most
    And Lincoln's ghost said

    Get out of your own way, ah, ah
    Get out of your own way, ah, ah

    I could sing it to you all night, all night
    If I could, I'd make it alright, alright
    Nothing's stopping you except what's inside
    I can help you, but it's your fight, so

    Get out of your own way, ah, ah
    (Get out of your own way)
    Pop song, ah, ah

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  • Jaime from Florida James from NY and Shawn from California are spot on! U2 was my favorite band but let’s face it they are filthy rich Irishman and should stay in their lane when it comes to our country. I go to their shows and they blast pics of Hilary Clinton of all people across their stage. They have alienated half of their listeners by continuing to attack our real president and believe the lies of their Hollywood and political elite friends. I listened to This song and video today and it just pissed me off. Hilary let our guys die in Benghazi, Biden just f--ked Afghanistan, 30000 plus Americans and our allies ALL trapped but Trump is evil? This would NEVER have happened on his watch!! Who’s side are you on Bono? Keep rubbing elbows with the devil and drinking the kool aide!
  • Bill from Connecticut Fascism is not socialism. From the 19th to 21st centuries nationalism mixed with xenophobia, racism and jingoism consistently has provoked domestic turmoil even to the point of genocide, as well as international conflict. Trump and his lackeys in Congress were and are leading the US in that direction. Read your history more closely with an unbiased eye and observe the January 2021 Capitol insurrection. U2 IS SPOT ON.
  • James from From NycShawn is so right. The video shows planes with bombs coming from the darkest part of the White House yet President Trump was the first US President to NOT INVOLVE THE USA IN A NEW CONFLICT since Jimmy Carter. The Trump administration brokered Peace deals in the Middle East yet received no Peace Prize. I thought U2 was smarter than this.
  • Shawn from CaliforniaGreat Song! I am enjoying U2’s new musical direction! I have one beef though...the use of the word fascist in the description of our president and his administration. Just because he’s a nationalist doesn’t make him a fascist in the least. Ghandi and Mandela were nationalists but no one is calling them fascists. Fascism is a facet of socialism and this president is anything but socialist! History clearly shows the direct connection of fascism to socialism of the nineteen 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. But this generation is lightweight on world history, to the glee of the left. This is another glaring example of how the media and talking heads from the left can simply repeat an untruth and it will be repeated and accepted without question. What’s probably an even sadder reality, is that those who know better, are quiet because they don’t want to make waves or sound like haters. This makes me so sad.
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