I Don't Feel Very Receptive Today

Album: They're Only Chasing Safety (2004)
  • This door has been shut for days
    And it's all too familiar
    Can't I just crack a window
    Can't I just shake it off?

    I'm sure I've tasted this before

    Everything is out of reach
    And I just want to see outside
    The air has been getting thin

    I feel like cutting it open tonight
    And falling on the floor

    There's nothing left unused in here
    There's nothing left to say

    I haven't talked in days
    And I'm really not too sure
    What I sound like anymore

    My vision has gone and my mouth is full of sores

    I feel like dripping it dry tonight
    Over and over again
    It's time to open up the door Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Anonymousi just finished learning this song on guitar. its SO fun. i love spencer. underoath is the best band in the world!!!
  • Corey from Charlotte, Ncwell actually spencer(the screamer for underoath) has talked about him being depressed and having a hard childhood at his concerts.
  • Zach from Birjkdale, Australiait sounds like i have tasted this before i have tasted every single one of you before
  • Landon from Winchester, OhAt first, I couldn't understand this song at all, because I don't revear the hard-core screaming of heavy metal that highly. But I relate to the lyrics, and it's easy to understand when he makes shout-outs to his depression in lines such as "I feel like cutting it open tonight! Tonight! Tonight!" and "I feel like dripping it dry tonight! Scream!" I wander if the lead singer really battled depression in his life, because with a song written that gory, he must've.
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