Low Rider
by War

Album: Why Can't We Be Friends? (1975)
Charted: 12 7
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  • All my friends know the low rider (yeah)
    The low rider is a little higher (yeah)

    The low rider drives a little slower
    Low rider is a real goer


    Low rider knows every street, yeah
    Low rider is the one to meet, yeah

    Low rider don't use no gas now
    Low rider don't drive too fast

    Take a little trip, take a little trip
    Take a little trip and see
    Take a little trip, take a little trip
    Take a little trip with me Writer/s: Charles Miller, Harold Ray I. Brown, Howard E. Scott, Jerry Goldstein, Le Roy L. Jordan, Lee Oskar, Morris Dewayne Dickerson, Sylvester Allen
    Publisher: HENSTONE MUSIC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Miss Lady from Earth There was a jewelry/diamond commercial with an old man and this song was playing in the background what commercial was it?
  • Chuck from Center City, MnOne of the members of War (can’t remember which one) was interviewed on the radio many years ago. He said the song was inspired by the young son of one of the other band members, who was riding around in one of those little pedal cars - hence the line “low rider don’t use no gas now”. Don’t know if it’s true, but it came straight from a band member and it makes sense.
  • Tom M from Vancouver BcI have been searching for years for anything to do with a long version of this song. It torments me every time I hear the end section when the sax solo because I was told that that solo continues and the song runs close to 20 min. long in one version. I have never heard anything to corroborate this but I would LOVE to hear this version if it exists anywhere.
  • John from Grand Island, NyHey Nick from Chicago, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds isn't about LSD, Julian Lennon drew a picture for his father and when John asked what it was Julian said "It's Lucy...in the sky...with Diamonds". The "Lucy" in the picture was a childhood friend of Julian at pre school. They have kept in touch for over 40 years and the picture still exists. Now you know.
  • Nick from Chicago, IlGuy driving the low rider is definitely a drug dealer. Also, to say that the song is not about drugs because the band members say its not...well all i hav to say about that is: Remember John Lennon said the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was not about LSD.
  • John from Nashville, Tn"Lowrider" is an incredible song considering the fact that it only uses one chord (G).
  • Layla from Dc, Dci love this song to death
    total road trip song

    **theme to the George Lopez show
  • Leah from Brooklyn, NyWe just saw WAR performing at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, and the band of Lonnie Jordan and his new recruits was quite good! I was sorry to hear that the band has split with the rest of the original members now performing under the name LOWRIDER. Their website is here: http://www.lowriderband.com/
  • Jacob from Tampa, FlThis is a very good song and I do hope that you guy's would make another song like this for our generation. You guy's are a very good band,and I hope that you guy's will take this message into consideration. Thank you for the time you are taking to read this message. Senceraly Jacob
  • Cindy from Durban, South AfricaThis song was also in Beverly Hills Ninja. Gosh its such a cool song and i'm dying to get it!!!!
  • Cameron from Koroit, Australiathis song doesn't just get the retired car theives in gone in 60 seconds in the mood...it gets anyone in the mood to go out and let their lady (their car not their mistress) take them for a ride!
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThis song was used in the UK in 'Marmite' commercials between 1994 and 2002
  • Brandon from Peoria, Ilare we sure this song is about a CAR?? It don't use no gas now. Maybe it's one of those cars that runs on water that the government is trying to keep under wraps...whoa man.
  • Adam from Kansas City, KsMy freinds uncle is in war. his name is lee oskar, he played harmonica, and gave me a custom one for christmas one year, signed "to adam from Lee Oskar Christmas 2004" i had brunch with hime one day as well.
  • Katrina from Pullman, WaThis song was also in "A Knight's Tale"
  • Real from Val-d'or, CanadaIt Also played in Cheech and Chong movie.
    Great song!
  • Horace from Western, MdThis was *not* their biggest U.S. hit without Burdon. War was a big R&B group from 1971 thru the early 80's. Their biggest hit was "The Cisco Kid" in 1973 (Pop #2 hit). Other hits as big or bigger than "Low Rider" were "The World is a Ghetto" (#7, 1973), "Why Can't We Be Friends" (#6, 1975) and summer (#7, 1976).
  • A. from Vancouver, CanadaJodie Foster's Army (JFA) also did a damn good version
  • Kenneth from New York, NyThe Beasties used this beat too. I need to get me one of these.
  • Melanie from Gatineau, Canadathis is one the dazed and confused soundtrack!!
  • Mike from Lodi, CaLow rider!I have got one of those!
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