Hold On

Album: Twin Barrels Burning (1982)
  • Checked in tonight, when I noticed the red light.
    Picked up the phone and I called the operator -
    She said a lady left a name and a number.
    Hey, operator, don't you think you could connect me?
    I've been waiting for so long for her to call me.

    Hold on, I'll try to put you through,
    Just hold on, I'll try it again for you,
    Hold on, I'm just putting you through.

    I turned down the lights,
    I sat back and waited for an answer.
    Hope everything's all right,
    I wonder why she called and what she had to tell me.
    Hey, lady, are you sure this number's right?
    I tried all day and I tried all night. Oh, no.

    Hold on, I'm trying to put you through,
    Hold on, I'll try it again for you,
    Hold on, I'm just putting you through.
    Hold on, just hold on,
    Hold on, she's putting me through.

    Five thousand miles is a long way from home
    And I feel so cold being here on my own.
    All I need is the sound of your voice
    To warm my soul and help me through the night.

    Hey, what can I do?
    I've tried to reach you, but I can't get through.
    I'll just try it one more time,
    Won't you please clear the line?
    Hey, operator, listen to me please,
    I'm begging you on my bended knees.

    Hold on, I'm trying to put you through,
    Hold on, I'll try it again for you,
    Hold on, I'm putting you through. [Repeat: x2]
    She said,"Hold on. I'm getting through to you".

    Hold on, I'm getting though to you.
    Hold on, long way from home.
    Hold on, I'm here on my own.
    Hold on, getting through to you. Writer/s: EPHRAIM LEWIS, JON QUARMBY
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Lester from New York City, NyThis is not a typical Wishbone Ash album, in that the songs are more catchy and standard rock. But I love this album, which winds up with 'Wind Up'. But the Title of the album captures the essence of Wishbone Ash. Twin Barrels (as in guitars) Burning. 'Just Testing' is definitely their best album, however.
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