Black Flag

1976–1986, 2003
Keith MorrisVocals1976–1979
Ron ReyesVocals1979–1980
Dez CadenaVocals1980–1981, 2003
Henry RollinsVocals1981–1986
Greg Ginn Guitar1976–1986, 2003
Dez CadenaGuitar1981–1983, 2003
Raymond PettibonBass1976
Glen "Spot" Lockett Bass1976–1977
Chuck Dukowski Bass1977–1983
Kira Roessler Bass1983–1985
C'el RevueltaBass1986, 2003
Brian Migdol Drums1977–1978
Roberto "ROBO" ValverdeDrums1978–1981, 2003
Emil JohnsonDrums1982
Chuck BiscuitsDrums1982
Bill Stevenson Drums1983–1985
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