The Top 10 Songfacts of 2019

by Ed Pearce

An Aussie upstart, a superstar duet, and a relentless kiddie tune are all on the list of the most-viewed Songfacts entries of 2019.

Our computers have been churning away, calculating the 10 songs in the Songfacts database released in 2019 that have been viewed the most over the past year. Some of the songs on the list were technically released in 2018, but 2019 was the year they culturally and commercially made an impact. These are not necessarily the most popular songs of the year, but the ones with lyrics, subject matter, or some other quirk that made you want to learn more about them. The biggest chart hit of the year, "Old Town Road," didn't make it.
10) Blake Shelton – "God's Country"

This Southern rock anthem pays homage to the power of the land and the God that created it. The track revived Blake Shelton's recording career when it seemed to be fading away, earning the singer his first Country #1 since 2013's "Sure Be Cool If You Did," as well as his first CMA Award in several years.

Shelton didn't write the song, but was drawn to it because it reminded him of his home state of Oklahoma. "God's Country" was penned by the country artists Devin Dawson and Hardy along with the Nashville songwriter Jordan Schmidt.

"God's Country" Songfacts
9) Halsey – "Without Me"

Halsey's biggest hit to date is a breakup song about her split with Bay Area rapper G-Eazy. Their romance took place in the public eye (they even recorded a song together, "Him & I," about it), so Halsey felt the need to comment publicly about it when it ended. "Without Me" is the result.

"Without Me" Songfacts
8) Lewis Capaldi – "Someone You Loved"

The British breakthrough act of 2019, Lewis Capaldi climbed to the top of the charts worldwide with this piano ballad. Many of you came to Songfacts to find its meaning, and we explained "Someone You Loved" was inspired by both a lover walking out on the singer, and by a couple of family members who passed away. Capaldi said it's the saddest song that he's ever written. Certainly, many a tear was shed at Songfacts Towers the first time we heard him sing, "I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved."

"Someone You Loved" Songfacts
7) Beyoncé – "Brown Skin Girl"

Though "Brown Skin Girl" was only a minor hit for Beyoncé, this celebration of pretty dark skin was one of the most popular songs of the year on Songfacts. Queen Bey's message of encouragement to young and insecure brown-skinned girls attracted outsized interest in Nigeria, where many of the views came from. Many Nigerians wanted to know more about their fellow countryman, Afrobeats singer Wizkid, who features on the track.

"Brown Skin Girl" Songfacts
6) Mumford & Sons – "Beloved"

Another surprising entry on the list, this Mumford & Sons tearjerker failed to reach the Hot 100 and only peaked at #66 in the band's native UK. Why is it so popular on Songfacts? Many of you wanted to find out who the "beloved" is that Marcus Mumford is addressing on this song. The answer: It's his grandmother; Mumford is singing about being at her bedside as she passed away. He described being there when she died as "chilling."

"Beloved" Songfacts
5) Pinkfong – "Baby Shark"

The biggest novelty hit of 2019, this children's ditty about a family of sharks started out as a campfire song. It was popularized by Pinkfong, a Korean-based education brand, whose video went viral in Indonesia in 2017. By early 2019, thanks to streaming numbers, the song had cracked the Hot 100. As the year progressed, more and more readers came to Songfacts to find out where this maddeningly catchy kids' song came from, with many parents of shark-obsessed tots looking for the lyrics.

The numbers spiked on Halloween after the Washington Nationals, who used the song as a bizarre rallying cry, won the World Series.

"Baby Shark" Songfacts
4) Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber – "I Don't Care"

This collaboration between the carrot-haired English singer and The Biebs peaked at #1 in 26 countries around the world. As Ed Sheeran was the third most popular artist of 2019 on Songfacts and Justin Bieber was the sixth, it's a no brainer that "I Don't Care" appears in our Top 10 Songs for the year. This superstar hook-up finds the two newly-married stars at a party where they don't want to be - both singers just want to be with their wives.

So who was the most popular artist of 2019 on Songfacts? It was Queen, thanks in part to the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. Taylor Swift was a close runner-up.

"I Don't Care" Songfacts
3) Tones and I – "Dance Monkey"

"Dance Monkey" came to our attention when it started clocking up multiple weeks at the top of the Australian singles chart. We entered it on our database on August 14, 2019, and from then on the viewings multiplied as it became a worldwide hit. By late November, "Dance Monkey" was regularly perched at #1 on Songfacts Top 10 Songs of the Day.

Tones and I is an Aussie singer-songwriter named Toni Watson, who penned "Dance Monkey" about her time busking on the streets of Byron Bay. The song has a great origin story: She wrote it for residents at a hostel where she was living so they could all dance to it.

"Dance Monkey" Songfacts
2) Post Malone – "Sunflower"

Post Malone's blend of pop, hip-hop, trap, and rock has earned him a huge fanbase, and this collaboration with Swae Lee topped the Hot 100 for a week in January 2019. Chances are you heard it in various places: Top 40 radio, someone else's too-loud headphones, or atop a Spotify playlist.

The track proved popular on Songfacts, with many of you wanting to know who or what the titular "Sunflower" is. Post and Swae are singing of a girl with whom they have a rocky relationship. They call her "Sunflower" because like the blossoming flower, she can thrive in adverse conditions.

"Sunflower" Songfacts
1) Twenty One Pilots – "Chlorine"

Despite only reaching #105 on the Hot 100, "Chlorine" was the most-viewed song released in 2019 on Songfacts. Like the other tracks on the album, the lyrics for "Chlorine" were based on the conceptual world of "Trench," created by frontman Tyler Joseph. Fans obsessed and debated for months about its meaning. We explained that chlorine is a purifying chemical, and Joseph is singing of drinking it in order to cleanse himself from the black thoughts inside him.

"Chlorine" Songfacts

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