Album: 3 Doors Down (2008)
Charted: 96
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  • Played on the Big Screen in movie theaters, according to lead singer Brad Arnold, this song was initially written to go along with an original video treatment "that showed the future of the National Guard." Arnold told us: "I wrote the song kind of to it, and they wound up changing the video around to go with the song more." Training Day director Antoine Fuqua was on board to direct this video. "He did a real, real good job on it," says Brad.
    He has yet to see his song/video in a movie theater, but Brad says that he's "seen it once, at the little premiere party we had for it. That was it. That was on a pretty small screen, actually. I've never seen it once. I always tried to get there early and stuff, and I always missed it," he laughs.
  • Although 3 Doors Down tries to adhere to newer material when they record, sometimes they go back and pull out an older tune. And with a few tweaks, they might find it's something they need. Such is the case with this song. Brad says this song was originally written during the Away From The Sun writing process years before. "But that's the one time we've brought something back," he says. (Check out our full interview with Brad Arnold)
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  • Niall from College Station, TxIts so amazing my mom was in the military and i am addicted to the military
  • Tom from Charleston, ScI was moved by it when I was on pre-deployment leave. My childhood bro and I went to see AVP and this was the first time I had ever seen the video, or even heard the song, form that moment I had to get my hands on this track.

    The oldest part of the Army is the National Guard, mintue men from the start.
  • Anthony from Cape May, NjI like to blaze this song on the radio especially when helping a friend in need, such as from a car break down; which i did recently. I also enjoy the National Guard movie commercial which features this song
  • Clarissa from Martinsburg, WvIt's a great song and you can tell the band is really passionate about it and its message when they perform it
  • Stephanie from Nashville, TnI really like this song. It's a really good song.
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