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  • At the beginning of the song you can hear lead singer Nick Hexum saying, "Bobby you be quiet out there!" Bobby is his dog, who was barking loudly outside of where it was being recorded. He is also mentioned in the song "Outside." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Nate - Cincinnati, OH
  • This song contains lyrics that clearly bash racism and racist institutions such as the KKK. After the Blue Album, rumors flew that 311 stood for the KKK; K being the 11th letter in the alphabet and 3 implying three times the letter. This is a blatant lie, as 311 got their name from an inside joke regarding the Omaha police code for indecent exposure. Songs such as "Silver" and "Electricity" go to prove that their message has been for unity and positivity since the very beginning. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jules - W. Bloomfield, MI
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  • Chris from Omaha, Nethis song is a great description of the people that use racism to go against whats different from themselves. cliques and gangs are groups of people that need everyone else to agree with them so they feel that their beleifs are right. not going with what their heart says. its about people that cant be confident with themselves.
  • Mike from East Bruns, Njtrue... the song electricity off Transistor starts as "this song started as a rant against haters but that'd be giving into the instigators". that was said because electricity was originally set to be called "F**k the KKK" because people thought 311 was a racist band. however the band decided against that name and set it as Electricity.
  • Jeremy from Sioux Falls, SdI think you're confused Duane though Jules saying Electricity goes to disprove the rumors is incorrect since it came out on Transistor way after Grassroots, but you're right in saying 311 is down for the unity.
  • Duane from Bowling Green, KyThat is a little misleading...the Blue Album came out after who had been listening....would've get the picture.
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