Broken Home

Album: Sounds Good Feels Good (2015)


  • The four 5SOS guys penned this power ballad with Good Charlotte's Joel and Benji Madden. The Madden brothers co-penned five of the tracks on Sounds Good Feels Good.
  • The song finds the guys singing about a teenage girl. Her parents are too wrapped up in their own marital problems to see the damage that their fighting is doing to their daughter.

    Drummer Ashton Irwin is the only in 5SOS who actually comes from a broken home and there was a great deal of discussion among the band members regarding the song's authenticity. Producer John Feldman explained to Fuse TV: "Other than Ashton, the three guys have parents who are still together. Ashton has never met his father. Ashton really connected into the theme. 'We're saying something with this song, it's going to connect with the audience, at least 50% of our audience come from broken homes. We're actually taking a stand.'"

    "The other guys are loyal and family-driven and sweet, so they were like, 'What are our parents going to think about us singing about a broken home when we don't come from broken homes? How authentic is it?' It was a two-month debate."


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