Have a Drink on Me

Album: Back in Black (1980)


  • This song is about a guy trying to buy his buddy a drink, which might seem like poor taste considering their lead singer, Bon Scott, drank himself to death just months before the album was released. His replacement, Brian Johnson, stayed true to Scott's form by writing about topics consistent with AC/DC's ethos, and that includes drinking. Many bands would have released a heartfelt ballad to honor a fallen member, but that's not the AC/DC way - Bon would have wanted them to rock out, and that's exactly what they kept doing. >>
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  • Jeff from UsaAs I remember reading that have a drink on me was the time of grieving and mourning and having a drink on them in celebration of their life. But of course the lyrics seem to go way above and beyond that.
  • Phil from Montreal, QcAlthough it's one of my favorite tracks on the album, I always found it inconsiderate of the Young brothers to have included that song, praising drinking, after what happened to Bon Scott.
  • Eric from Camas, WaI like how during the verses the guitars play the same pattern all the way through, but the bass pattern does change. That's artistry.
  • Andrew from Kilcoy, AustraliaThe night of Bons death, the two Young brothers were messing around with the song when Bon with his drumming experience jumped on the kit and jammed along, after that he went out to the clubs and the two brothers never saw him again. It's ironic, considering the wy he died. R.I.P Bon.
  • Briar from Hazard, KyDecent song. Barley Scotch from Hayseed Dixie has stated in many interviews that this is one of his favorite Ac/Dc songs.
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