Blind Man

Album: Big Ones (1994)
Charted: 23 48
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  • Written by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, this song sends the message that you should look beyond the superficial. A blind man will often have a greater understanding even without sight.
  • The song was inspired by Tyler's recovery from alcoholism and his experience with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). When he became sober, Tyler became more attuned to his surroundings and was able to see things he didn't before.
  • The sound at the beginning is Tyler opening a switchblade in front of a microphone. >>
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  • Madeline Bruskin from Nj I met Steven Tyler yesterday. I told him blind man is my favorite song. He told me it was about a man who got his boots stolen and when the man found the guy who stole his boots he had no feet .. so the owner of the boots said .. you know what.. you can keep them. :)
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  • Steve from Gardner, MaI wonder where this information came from. I have a different story. I knew a guy that got into a very serious car accident that really impaired his vision and was good friends with the lawyer representing Aerosmith. Apparently the lawyer was going through some really tough times and my friend helped him through it all. As a result, the lawyer asked Steven Tyler to do him a favor and write a song about it....and Blind Man was the product. I haven't been in touch with my friend in over 5 years, but he had good stories about hanging out with Steven and Joe. If anyone can prove different as to the story behind this song, I'd be interested in hearing about it.
  • Homer from Springfield, KyI'm surprized no one has commented. This song is incredible. Great message too.
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