Album: Nine Lives (1997)
Charted: 13 27
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  • Regarding this song (and other matters), Steven Tyler was quoted as saying, "The only difference between pink and purple is the grip." >>
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    Wendy - Meadville, PA
  • In 1999, this won a Grammy for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal. It was the fourth time Aerosmith won that award; Grammy voters didn't warm to the band until the '90s, when they gave them the trophy for "Janie's Got A Gun."
  • Steven Tyler wrote this with songwriter Richie Supa, who is a friend of the band. Supa and Tyler also co-wrote the Aerosmith hit "Amazing."
  • Another "Pink" connection: Steven Tyler sang on the song "Misery" from Pink's Missundaztood album.
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Comments: 22

  • Paul from Columbus, OhThe Bad Boys from Boston are living up to their name. This song is clearly obvious that Aerosmith is singing about the physical and mental joy of making love. They have made the lyrics sound good enough to be legal for the FCC. Enough said.
  • Ralph from Amsterdam, NetherlandsThe song first should be called "kink" inspired by the growing sexuality on tv
  • Homer from Springfield, KyAllen:I'd heard this song was about the female anatomy but I really can't interpret the lyrics. I also think the guitar part needs to be turned up a bit so you can actually hear it.
  • Lisa from Bellaire, OhI saw them in Pittsburgh back in the 90's. Cant remember the year but I do remember it was the last show before Tyler had knee surgery because they cancelled the last few shows of that leg. Anyhow, he was introducing this song, Pink, and said, "This is a song I wrote back in 1974 and finally decided to release it!" And then I was pleasantly surprised when they started playing Pink! I loved it instantly when it first came out. I just thought this was an interesting tidbit.
  • Allen from Charleston, ScThis song is about the Vagina. Listen to the lyrics. Salmon, come on.
  • Cati from Atlanta, GaHaha, I wish you guys would just's a great song, hilarious vid, who cares if its about sex or salmon? Don't waste your time pondering the meaning, lifes too short for that, just enjoy it, that's what lifes about.
  • Ryan from Papillion, NeIts kinda funny, in every non sober Aerosmith song they sound dober, but in this sober song they always sound drunk
  • Bob from Sin City, Nvsteven tyler wrote this song about pink, i believe, salmon, though it could be some other pink meated fish
  • Nate from Deltona, Fli personally think it is about a girls pu**y bcuz in the song Tyler sings "Pink it was love at first sight... and pink gets me high as a kite" when they recorded this song they were off drugs and alcohol, so i therefore think its signifying tht at first sight of a pu**y erection occure
  • Kat from Cleveland, OhI read somewhere that Steve Tyler said this song was really just about South Beach, Florida.
  • Gordon from Lake Havasu City, AzI just have to say that Pink is my favorite song of the sober-Aerosmith era. It's also my favorite music video of their's or anybody elses. It's just so cool!
  • Donni from Somewhere, WaNot only do I think this song is about sex or masturbating, but its about the passion we have for these things. " pink is the color of passion...". Pink has everything to do with passion. In the song it mentions various actions, places,body parts and what were passionate about we use to express passion. Whether it be pu**y, p*nis, our lips, our hands, or the bedroom ect...
  • Candice from Shreveport, Lain this song steven tyler is actually talking about his penis and him masturbating. its a great song.
  • Chrissy from Manchester"And I think everything is going to be alright no matter what we do tonight..." Fab song, one of Aerosmith's best!
  • Sum Sum from New Delhi, IndiaThis song reminds me of pink inverted triangle. Aerosmith should have mentioned this in the song. song's good..has a throw....dub ..dub..
  • Christian from Baton Rouge, La"You're sittin' on it, honey!"
    -Steven Tyler (explaining the meaning of 'Pink')
  • Adriana from Monterrey, MexicoThe Video Is Really Cool
  • Bre from Smith River, Caobviously its about a girls Pu&&Y.
  • Karan from Bangalore, Indiait could also be bout nothin like this at all!! how bout just passion?? pink's a passion color also!!??
  • Jeff from Melbourne, FlAll of Aerosmith's songs (well not all, but quite a few) are about sex, why should this one be any different?
  • Tessa from Nottingham, EnglandIt might well be about a certain part of the male anatomy. He sings about 'wrap you in rubber' and 'his favorite crayon'. Personaly i think he's singing about the art of masturbation from the eyes of a teenager. It's a new obsession.
  • Sarah Maddux from Monroe, GaThe song is obviously about the vagina... if you had to go on here to figure this out... then good luck to you in the world!
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