Album: Get A Grip (1993)
Charted: 57 24
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  • This song is about climbing back to the top after you've hit rock bottom, specifically recovering from addition. Steven Tyler wrote it with Richie Supa, who collaborated with the band in the late '70s, co-writing their song "Chip Away the Stone."

    Supa did a lot of drugs with the band and eventually got caught with a kilo of cocaine, which landed him three years in jail. After he got out, he went to an Aerosmith show at Madison Square Garden and met Tyler backstage... with an eight-ball of cocaine under his coat. Supa didn't realize that Tyler had gotten sober, and Steven called security to kick him out, telling him to come back when he had been off drugs and alcohol for a year.

    Supa cleaned up, and after a year sent Tyler his Alcoholic Anonymous medallion to prove it. In the summer of 1991, they got together amid fears from Aerosmiths' management that Tyler would slink back into addiction in Supa's presence. Both knew they weren't going back to drugs and alcohol; when Tyler brought this up in a phone conversation, he told Supa, "Isn't it amazing?" which triggered the idea for this song.

    Supa remembered something a client had said at one of his AA meetings: "I kept the right ones out and let the wrong ones in," which kickstarted his idea for the lyric about the descent into addiction and subsequent recovery. He flew out to meet Tyler, writing more of the lyric on the way, and when he go there, they finished the song in four hours - it was one of the first songs written for Get A Grip. The pair stayed sober, and would team up again to write the Aerosmith hit "Pink."
  • The line, "That one last shot's a permanent vacation" refers to the Aerosmith's comeback album Permanent Vacation, which put them back on top. The line, "How high can you fly with broken wings?" is a reference to their logo, which contains a set of wings. >>
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  • This was the second of three Aerosmith videos that featured Alicia Silverstone, who had starred in the movie The Crush. All three clips - "Cryin'" and "Crazy" were the first - were directed by Marty Callner.

    "Amazing" also starred Jason London, who was in the film Dazed and Confused. In the video, he goes into a virtual reality world where Silverstone becomes his love interest.
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Comments: 13

  • Laura from El Paso, TxI was going to comment on the oddity that this is an Aerosmith song that has nothing to do with sex, but I see that Sofia from Serbia beat me to it! Still it is a rarity...........
  • Steve from Hillsboro, NhDon Henley (Eagles) sings background vocals on this song.
  • Brenda from Danville Pa, PaAreosmith is the greatest group ever Wow, I would love to meet you guys sometime your songs are awesome I really Like Dream on And Ragdoll
  • Michael from Staten Island, NyBad pun alert. This song is amazing! Too bad about Tyler geting kicked out of Aerosmith though. Anybody who thinks he is just a drunk beady eyed high pitched weirdo, I would gladly work things out with you in a dark alleyway.
  • Daniela from Buenos Aires, Argentinathis is one of my Aerosmith's favourites songs.
    The lyric is very nice,talk about things that happened to Steven and the band.
    Aerosmith ROCKS!
  • Vickeybird from Pune, -Amazing is very positive song which you can lean on when caught in life's downward spirals. i think of alicia silverstone whenever i hear this song(actress in video). She also acted in two more videos, crying and crazy
    This song also features don hanley of eagles on harmony vocals. (You can't miss it once you've noticed).
  • Joe from Fort Mitchell, KyI agree, this is a great tune. I saw Steven Tyler on the Henry Rollins Show on IFC awhile back and he discussed this song and its inspiration.
  • Homer from Springfield, KyI never really liked this song. But it's one of those things that kinda grows on you. Eh?
  • Jason from Southlake, TxThe last three minutes are the greatest. Rock and Roll at its finest.
  • Mirna from Portoviejo, Ecuadorone of the best songs by aerosmith
  • Sofija from Novi Sad, SerbiaWeird... an Aerosmith song that has nothing to do with sex?
  • Ganesh from Chennai, Indiathe song is well really Amazing!!
  • Bryan from Spring, TxGreat song! I still remember the virtual reality video for the song from high school.
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