Warm Californian Night

Album: 13 Previously Unreleased Songs 1977-80 (1980)
  • This is an alternative version of "Timeless Skies" from the Time Passages album, the same music but entirely different words. Stewart makes a practice of this; it is not unknown of course, the Beatles song "Yesterday" famously started life as "Scrambled Eggs."
  • "Warm Californian Night" is written as a letter or an address to an old friend, or more likely an old girlfriend. As Stewart was born in Glasgow, spent most of his early life in England then relocated to California in the '70s, one does not have to speculate too deeply as to what might have inspired it.
  • Although this song was never released officially a version (of demo quality) can be found on 13 Previously Unreleased Songs 1977-80 which was put out by Al's official biographer Neville Judd through the UK fan club. Some of the songs on this CD were eventually released. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 3


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