New Year's Eve 1999

Album: Christmas Vol. 2 (1996)


  • Laughing, Gretchen Peters says this may be the only song she's ever written with a "sell-by" date. And it was written long before 1999. "I guess that just one day it occurred to me that wow, the millennium is going to come. It was far enough off that I remember thinking, 'What a nice idea to think about projecting into the future that far, between two people. Two people talking to each other and projecting into the future.' So it was sort of a little playful kind of way of projecting pretty far into the future. Kind of like this is where we'll be. A very certain sweet little vision of this is who we'll be and this is where we'll be at the turn of the century. Well, I know that of course the turn of the century came, and luckily we got it out. I recorded it with Randy Owen from Alabama as a duet, and it was in '99, actually. So it got out and had its life before the millennium happened." (Check out our interview with Gretchen Peters. Her website is


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