Nothing But The Girl


  • This was penned by the British Dubstep producers Chase & Status during one of several intense US writing camps they attended that was led by the production team Stargate. They resulted in three cuts on Rihanna's Rated R album as well as this song. "Those writing camps are 24 hours a day, in a bowl, for two weeks," Saul Milton, a.k.a. Chase recalled to The Guardian June 27, 2013. "You need to be producing two full songs a day, from scratch, fully vocalled, or they're like 'what the hell are you doing?'"
  • Chase & Status were surprised that this song, originally intended for Lupe Fiasco, then Rihanna, then Ne-Yo, ended up with Alexandra Burke. "It wasn't about the money," said Will "Status" Kennard . "We didn't think it was going to be a big single or anything."

    "So she came in and sang it," he added. "We didn't particularly like anything about it, or her, to be honest, but whatever. It was done."


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