Brick By Brick

Album: Counting Down (2020)


  • American Authors frontman Zac Barnett explained that "Brick By Brick" is about conquering the impossible. "No one can stop us from achieving greatness and breaking down barriers that others may have set in front of us," he said.
  • 'Cause I'm so close, so close I can taste it
    Never stop chasing, know I'm gonna make it
    I've had my doubts, tear them down quick
    Brick by brick by brick

    To "go brick by brick" is to advance towards a significant goal in a deliberate, methodical fashion, taking one small step at a time until you've reached your ultimate goal. The term is most commonly used in the sense of building something.

    American Authors flips the common metaphor on its head by using it to talk about tearing things down. It's still a positive concept, though, because what they're tearing down is their self-doubt - it is a song of personal empowerment.
  • This was the first track and first single released from the Counting Down EP.


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