Album: Counting Down (2020)


  • In this song, American Authors lead singer Zac Barnett won't be silenced. The world may be on fire, but he just wants his microphone. The high-energy blaster was released in February 2020, shortly before the coronavirus pandemic took hold.
  • The band wrote this song with Sam Hollander, whose credits include "Acapella" by Karmin and "High Hopes" by Panic! at the Disco. "'Microphone' was so unbelievably sugary that at first I really wasn't into it, but Sam is really talented and it's an amazing song," American Authors bass player Dave Rublin told Songfacts. "It's an interesting tune. I look at it as if it is galvanizing the people during these crazy times we are in. It's a message of extreme vivaciousness. Here we are with these blaring horns, calling on everybody to rise up. We're going to go out there. We're going to have a voice. There was such an energy that came along with the song, and sometimes that energy is what we fall in love with."
  • American Authors, who are best known for their 2013 hit "Best Day of My Life," wrote this during sessions for their 2019 album Seasons, but didn't release it until 2020 on their EP Counting Down.


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