Better Than a Hallelujah

Album: Somewhere Down The Road (2010)


  • This track from American Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Amy Grant's 2010 album, Somewhere Down The Road was her first new radio single since "Simple Things" in 2003.
  • Grant admitted the cut, which was penned by Chapin Hartford and Sarah Hart, resonated strongly with her as she dealt with the death of her long-time friend, musician Ruth McGinnis. Said Grant: "The song is just so poignant and redemptive. In the lyric, there is no religious code or lingo going on and the message is true, it's good news. I love every scenario it's painting."
  • Popular producer Dan Muckala, who has helmed songs on albums by MercyMe, Leona Lewis, CeCeWinans and the Backstreet Boys helped produce the song.
  • Grant told CNN: "The idea is you don't have to get all cleaned up to talk to God. And it such a great, honest, poignant song."

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  • Mark from Chicago, IlAt first I wasn't sure exactly what this song meant, but now I feel that it means God is happy when we come to him with our pain and not only our happiness. It is easier to praise God when things are good, but we often forget about him when we need him the most. That is how I interpreted this song.
  • Music Critic from Pensacola, Fl"Better than a Hallelujah" is just one more concrete indication of how far Amy Grant has miserably fallen away from her gospel roots. There has been a storm of protest over this song because it is blasphemy, for starts. Secondly, it misrepresents God. God does hear "more than the melody" and He is not hard of hearing, something, I wish Amy Grant was also not suffering from, obviously. One writer says, ""God just hears a melody." (Grant's lyrics) Not being too judgmental,but I do see something wrong with Amy's song. It was bad enough that she broke up a marriage with her now husband, Vince Gill, and consequently, walked out on her on Christian husband, to be with Vince Gill. She has made millions, in the past, off her Christian and gospel records, but chooses to call her own shots as to how she lives with little thought how it has offended the Christian community that bought all her cds and tapes to start with and helped her. Adultery is what people call it. Home-wrecking is what others call it. Amy Grant cares little what the good people think who put her out front, in the beginning of her career. I feel sorry for her. It has definitely taken a toll on her "success." I do not consider her NOW, anything resembling a Christian singer. It's obvious she doesn't either.
  • Laurie Vanleeuwen from Baltimore, MdI love this song! It reminds me that at any time I can cry out to Him, no matter that it is understandable only to the Lord! He just wants me to trust and connect. I just finished Amy's book, 'Mosaic'. I was greatly influenced by her and Keith Green back in the late 70's and early 80's. I also have come to partly understand and deeply appreciate God's mercy and grace--something I wish I had known more about back then!
  • Vickie from Warner Robins, GaBetter Than A Hallelujah is a song from the heart. God surely loves us. God hears prayers from each and everyone of us and he still loves us despite our short comings, just like the song says. Thanks for this beautiful song.
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