Fresh Eyes

Album: The Good Parts (2016)
Charted: 50 59


  • Andy Grammer sings here about those little moments when you rediscover how beautiful the special person in your life is. He was inspired to pen the song came when he emerged from the bathroom in the morning and saw his half awake singer-songwriter wife Aijia. She was rapping Big Sean's hit "I Don't F--k With You," unaware her husband could hear her.
  • Grammer explained to People he wrote the song about continually seeing Aijia through new eyes as he learns about her endearing quirks and idiocies. "I don't know if you can force it or if there's anything you can do to make it happen. I think if you pick someone that you love, you will continuously fall in love with them," he said.

    "I know that sounds almost horribly cheesy, but that is what has to happen if you're gonna make a relationship work for a long time," he added. "You have to keep learning new things that are interesting about this person or having them catch you off guard and have these little moments of intense appreciation."
  • As a onetime street musician, Andy Grammer spent a lot of time with the homeless, and in this song's music video we see the singer and his team mixing with the residents of Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. Grammer admitted to ABC Radio that he was apprehensive about using a video to comment on social issues.

    "Anytime that you do something like this… you have to push through this weird zone of, 'Is this OK? Is this a horrible idea? Am I gonna look like an idiot? Am I gonna try and profit off of people who don't have anything?'"

    Ultimately Grammer profited from the experience as much as the Mission residents did. "It was by far the best day of my year. It's unbelievable," he said. "I hope that everybody watches it and feels something like what I felt that day."
  • Andy Grammer explained the song's inspiration to Billboard:

    "Fresh Eyes was my own little discovery of having been in a relationship for a while and realizing that my favorite part of it is being surprised. Me and my wife have been together for over four years now, and anytime she does something that throws me off, that's kind of fun. Like, 'I didn't know you knew those rap lyrics!' or 'I didn't know that you danced like that!'

    I was sitting at a dinner with my wife and two friends that had never met her before and you could see that they were understanding throughout this dinner how awesome she was because they had never met her. And then, kind of through their eyes, I'm like, 'Oh yeah she is awesome.' I spent the whole dinner loving her deeper than I had been in the last week [Laughs] – not that I didn't love her but it was kind of an extra fresh take."


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