Album: Speak Your Mind (2018)
  • A snarling Anne-Marie delivers some savage lyrics on this moody post breakup jam.

    In the middle of the night I see you crying, yeah, yeah
    Now you're sleeping on your own you're realizing, yeah, yeah
    Don't you know, you know you should've held me down
    With all your might, begging for me to give you one last try

    Anne-Marie is giving a kiss off to her ex whom she suspects is probably in tears as that person regrets leaving her.
  • Anne-Marie told The Line Of Best Fit this is her favorite track on Speak Your Mind.

    "I feel like 'Cry' was when I channeled exactly who I was at that moment," she explained. "I didn't care what genre I was making or what anyone would think about it. It was completely me. I feel so at home when I'm singing that song."


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