Castles In The Air

Album: Lost Forever // Lost Together (2014)


  • Guitarist Tom Searle penned this personal song. He explained its meaning to "It's about anxiety, being in a band and how that causes anxiety, the pressure you feel in the studio, it sounds trivial, but in your head this can become monolithic problems, it wears you out after a while. It's about dealing with that, teaching yourself that it's just a figment of your imagination."
  • The phrase 'castles in the air' means an unattainable visionary project or daydream. Fairy tales have such castles, which vanish as fast as they are built. It may refer to the fact that much of Spain in the Middle Ages was under Moorish control, so any scheme to build castles there was unlikely to succeed.
  • Some other lyrics referring to 'castles in the air':

    Don Mclean "Castles In The Air" ("And if she asks you why you can tell her that I told you. That I'm tired of Castles in the Air. I've got a dream I want the world to share in castle walls. Just leave me to despair.")

    Hoodoo Gurus "Castles in the Air" ("Once I built a castle in the air, A home for you and I. In a blue, blue sky. We'd leave behind the weight of worldly care, I thought we could fly. We only had to try.")

    Bee Gees "Swan Song" ("My love will build a castle in the air. This is my last chance, A chance to show the world that I am strong. This is my last dance.")

    Tony Bennett "I Walk a Little Faster" ("Build a little stronger castle in the air. And thinking you'll be there, I walk a little faster. But even though I meet at each and every corner. With nothing but disaster.")

    Owl City "Super Honeymoon" ("Straight from a dreamy castle in the air. So lovely. She was everything to me. Both alone in the dark. We longed to see the sun. Rise over the Bering Strait.")

    Petula Clark "The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener" ("Life is never what it seems. We're always searching in our dreams. To find that little castle in the air. When worry starts to cloud the mind. It's hard to leave it all.")


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